Code: Breaker Episode 4: Doing Dirty Work


“Code Breakers have goals. In order to achieve their goals, they willingly take on dirty work.” – Toki


With what happened last episode where Ogami almost lost one of his targets, Toki appeared finishing the mission. The next day, Toki gotten himself met up with Sakura instead of Ogami who was (obviously) late because he was asked by the higher of ups of the Eden.

It was sudden but Sakura met one of Ogami’s “friends” and not to mention, he’s also a Code: Breaker and Ogami’s senpai at that and when she learned they will be doing another job together, she wouldn’t just go and let them.


Man, I liked Toki the moment I saw him on the ending song of the first episode. Lol Not really that I’m attracted to blondies but he’s cool enough to fangirl over and plus, his carefree character is quite well delivered. He reminded me so much of the ever awesome Tamaki of Ouran High Host Club just omitting the extreme poses and plus, Tamaki is also blonde. XD Toki’s special ability is quite cool. Unlike Ogami and some previous CBs, he is able to control magnetic fields (MAGNETO IS THAT YOU?!). I wonder if it can affect Sakurakouji Sakura as well. And damn, what he did when making Ogami jealous (well, obviously) was cool of him. haha

The owner of that foot is just being obvious. Please excuse him.

Another amusing thing in this episode is that Toki claims that he’s Ogami’s “friend” while it is obviously not the thing that Ogami thinks about. You may call it Toki’s playful lies but to be honest, I kind of see the “line” where both Ogami and Toki can be connected far enough to be called them friends. Ugh, Please, don’t remind me of Zetsuen no Tempest’s Episode 4 or I’ll get pissed even more. But frankly, this issue between Ogami and Taoki is far different that those two from ZnT. These two are just seriously and hilariously in sync with each other. Ogami might have not noticed it but I know Sakura, in her dense way of thinking, may have had.

Holding someone back? I don’t think these two have some problems with working with each other at all. D:

The episode also reveals more information about the Code: Breakers. There are six in total and Ogami is numbered 06. And then, there’s this place called Eden, the Code:Breaker Policy Governance Board where the “higher ups” of the said board would talk to other Code:Breakers using some dolls (which totally pissed off Ogami there). Also, Ogami’s way of thinking is obviously independent with concern to Eden and that this Himiko person that he mentions is obviously someone important to him. The featured line on this review also would have explained why Code:Breakers exists and we get to learn that Code: Breaker’s existence in the real world (where their family and friends are concerned) does not exist.

Well, I can’t help it that Code: Breakers exists as people who fights evil. The government on this anime is stupid freaks and they would go as far as experiment on special abilities behind their people’s trust. Now, Ogami, Sakura and Toki have to deal with two guys with special abilities as well.

Some additional points:
Sakura’s family is so cute.
That puppy is just too cute and he is like Ogami in some way.
And that tea-freak is just… freaky.
Thos two guys with special abilities are just… gay.
Toki and Ogami’s friendship is precious.

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