Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 50: The Escape

Gimme a hug, Killua. :3

“I don’t know what you are thinking because I am stupid!” – Gon


Gon and Killua were captured by the Phantom Troupe and were taken to their hideout. They manage to know the faces of the rest of the troupe and also, seen Hisoka. Knowing that Gon once defeated one of the members in an arm wrestling, Nobunaga challenged Gon into one. Gon ended up hurting his hand while being defeated several times but when Nobunaga tried to remember what Uvo is like and his aim for revenge against the chain user who defeated him, Gon let his all out power saying that Nobunaga has no right to mourn for Uvo’s death while forgetting the number of people they have killed so far without even looking back.

When Nobunaga was defeated once by Gon’s sudden change of power, he insisted on recruiting both Gon and Killua to the troupe while the others disagree. But the end result still revolves around their boss’ decision which he has to wait for his return and look out for the two kids.


One good thing about Hunter x Hunter is that there is just so many lulz when Gon is around or is in the scene. Sure his innocence gives out that childish aura but we can’t also ignore that this innocence of him creates a monster when being trampled upon and which was done by Nobunaga during their arm wrestling that lead to Gon’s win after for so many defeats. But what Gon mentioned was truly wonderful and a fact. For Nobunaga to mourn over Uvo’s death while forgetting the people that they have killed so far without even giving them second thoughts nor looking back at them is very cruel and is logically wrong. Well, even Gon doesn’t accept basic logic but his words also not only hit Nobunaga but also me.

Also, let us talk about Gon’s humor. Nonetheless, his humor is high and it is being boosted while Killua is around. When both Gon and Killua manage to take the glimpse of the faces of the Troupe members, they spotted Hisoka whereas Hisoka’s face was like, “Play Dumb.” Obviously, Killua gets the whole thing but Gon didn’t and went on an “Ah!” after seeing Hisoka which made the whole “Play Dumb” plan in a pinch. But good thing Killua manage to cover it after bringing up the topic about Shizuku who once they saw and who once fought and lost to Gon in an arm wrestling.

When Nobunaga was watching over them until the boss arrives while the other members went into a search for the whereabouts of the chain user, Gon manage to stop Killua somehow in taking in a suicide act just to let him escape. (Of course, this act by Killua was dealt by the memory of, his older brother, Illumi’s words which causes Killua’s instincts out of control.) But of course, Gon’s natural stupid-ness just saved the day and Killua’s life and they ended up recalling one technique that Zepile once taught them from the episode 48 which gave them the idea on how to escape.

I guess what Nobunaga commented on Gon, about how logic can never be taken down by Enhancers, was true and still humorous to me. Gon claims Killua is not allowed to keep himself in danger while he is allowed is still making me smile and the way he admits that he is stupid just made me laugh!

Their escape was a funny one as well. To think that they would plant a thought to Nobunaga that he will be attacked and kept his guard up and carefully went through the corridor while both of the kids ran like wild out of the hideout and as far away as they can was just smart. And of course, their plan of action against Spiders just gotten better when Killua realized that the chain user that they are talking about is someone they know and in fact he will be the key on eliminating the Phantom Troupe.

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