Robotics; Notes Episode 3: That Cool – Lame Mask


“By the blessing of the Seven Sisters, I descend from four hundred light years in space! I am Mister Pleiades!”



Seriously, I can’t really write a great summary because I got too many feels in this episode so let me gather them up into one long sentence. With their newly hobby robot, Tanegashimachine-3S, completed with the newly controls where the creator of the popular game, Kill-Ballad, and Doc’s talents helped them with, is now ready to take on the battle as a participant on the ROBO-ONE competition with one thing to aim for: To be the champion.


Wait a second, there are just too many cool things in this episode that I should point out so basically, I would be concentrating much on the highlights so if I missed some things that would have been a key, forgive me since I’m easily carried away by comedy and such.

Remember the hot lady on the previous episode? Yes, she was definitely Aki’s sister, Misa and she seems to be running away from Aki. Also, pretty lazy woman at that with that look of her room, that is. I still have no idea what happened that changed her but let us see as we go on with the series, okay? 8D

Misa is just so pwettyyyy. She would be more pretty if she smiled like the usual.

So it seems Fraukoujiro willingly helped Kai’s request to give them a copy of the codes for the controls of the game, Kill-Ballad. For me, that was a really nice thing to do for a game creator. Normally, those codes and those information are highly confidential but (maybe) it’s because they only needed the controls’ codes, it didn’t give the creator that much of a thought to give them a copy. Plus, maybe this Fraukoujiro is just nice or just plainly curious what Kai can do on the ROBO-ONE using the control system that s/he created. Interesting stuff, yes.

So on the previous episode review, Mr. Wanderer commented about how the coding were done so yeah – what I have replied before, it must just be on parts that Aki tried to modify. While on the coding, Doc was the one who was helping them. Rather, this episode is kind of rushed – just my feels but even so, it would only make more room for more story development so I won’t really complain that much. I’m amazed by how Kai manage to get used on controlling T-3S (yes, abbreviated for my convenience) in just a few nights. And we switch to another interesting part of the episode, Kai.

Yes, the colors of everything went like this when Kai was in syndrome mode. 😀

Kai, same as Aki, as a result (maybe) of the same incident, it is seems that he also caught the Elephant Mouse Syndrome (I know, the name is too funny, I know). Not only that, he get to use that syndrome in a very useful way! Man, for someone who has this syndrome, everything slows down for 1 second! It would be cool like that – reminded me of Cyborg 009, seriously. I so love the timing of the syndrome this time unlike the other time but it seem that human body can’t contain the strain of the syndrome. Maybe it’s because your brain processes more information than normal which stresses a big part of it. I’m not sure about the specifics of science behind it but we could put it simply that our brain has its limits to “think” and this is the reason why we can’t do multi-tasking in a normal pace which is not efficient. Somehow, good thing for Kai to being able to keep up with it but sad that he can only use it once and in crucial moments as well!

Now, we proceed to the tagline featured in this post. NO, MAN, THIS IS JUST TOO HILARIOUS TO TALK ABOUT. I could talk to all my friends on how I freaking laughed at the last round of the ROBO-ONE Competition. LOLOLOL We got to see Hidaka in a weird costume plus a lame mask with a pretty lame line of introduction and then went “GINGA BISHOUNEN!!!” Yes, seriously I was reminded of Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto AND IT WAS SO FREAKING HILARIOUS!!! Especially when Kai introduced him on their Vice Principal then Kai gave him this copy of the mask he was wearing during the finals and went on with his line like he was into it. HAHAHAHA MAN, THAT WAS SOME PICTURE TO SEE FOR. XD


Also, we get to meet Frau Koujiro for the first time and guess what? Frau Koujiro or FRAUKOUJIRO, the creator of the popular game, Kill-Ballad 2012, IS A GIRL AND A HOTIE AT THAT. And it seems she had a transfer. Let’s say, this is her curiosity on Kai? :>


2 thoughts on “Robotics; Notes Episode 3: That Cool – Lame Mask

  1. I guess Doc did the programming in the end. Or rather, I guess the programming part is what Doc helped on mainly in the last episode other than the gathering of parts.

    Although I think the mas scene would be more hilarious if they haven’t already hinted about it in the opening so people won’t expect it coming. Well, for people who haven’t played the game that is.

    As for the disease, I did a little check up and found out that both main characters suffer from diseases. Akiho, as we have been told, suffers from getting 5 minutes shrunk to 1 second. Kaito, on the other hand, is reverse. For him 1 second will feel like 30 seconds at times. In FEAR terms, he has natural slow-mo, just that he can’t control it.

    1. Well, with or without the mass scene, it was still hilarious how Hidaka went and gone into character when he wore the mask. lolol

      Without control over it, Kai must be lucky to get it activated on great timing. D8

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