Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode 3

Sorata tries to cope with his inferior when it comes down to talents after learning about Mashiro’s true abilities. He soon learns that the isn’t the only one who is feeling this way when Jin is stuck with declining requests for Misaki to take part of a professional animation production crew.

Impression: omfg i can’t write a summary tonight OTL horrible horrible summary

This episode much to my surprise shifted already to the romance developments and heart aches, but the main focus, as I suspected last week, Sorata feels even more inferior now more than ever. He becomes frustrated because he doesn’t know what he wants to do, or what his talents are, and even though he claims he wants to leave Sakurasou, as I mentioned before, he also wants to stay put.
I also think that the cats he had rescued is his biggest attachment to Sakurasou, and the entire time he has been there, he has been subconsciously procrastinating his search for finding new homes for the cats on purpose.
I couldn’t help but feel rather surprised and hold mixed feelings about the fact Sorata seems to have already development feelings towards Mashiro. Like Misaki, he too claimed to have a heartache when the two of them saw Jin and Mashiro together.
Speaking of Jin and Misaki: Jin too is shouldering the burden of inferiority because Misaki is so far ahead him. His scripts are not considered good enough to be used for a professional release of Misaki’s animation. Many companies want her, and sadly for him, these guys are constantly rubbing it in his face that he’s not good enough since they call him in order to contact her.
It’s clear that Jin does harbor feelings for Misaki, but he’s afraid to act on it. At the same time we received a confirmation that Misaki sees him more than a friend and feels heartbroken every time Jin goes out with another girl. I hope that in the future these two will be able to be in a relationship. ;w;
Overall I enjoyed the change of pace and mood this episode. It’s good to see the plot itself coming forward and making itself a bit more clear. I am mostly curious- no rather, I’m more or less convinced that Sorata will come to the decision where he will decide to stay at Sakurasou.
After all, how could he possibly part with his lovable cats?

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