Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 2: The Place of Beginning

“One day, a girl was suddenly killed.

One day, a princess of the mages was stuffed into a barrel and exiled into an island.

And one day, a battle surpassing time and space, wrapped in revenge and magic, began.”


Off to find some clues as to who was the one who killed her sister, Mahiro used the opportunity to use his end of the bargain from the princess of mage, Hakaze. Since the incident happened a year ago, it may take time to find some clues about the killer, as Hakaze pointed out. With things running, Mahiro suggested that Yoshino must go somewhere else while he tracks Aika’s killer giving him a few talisman activated by the mage.

Yoshino, trying to organize his thoughts, wander around the city. Later, the woman in shady clothes went after him in a chase around town and ended up at the lead man’s school. They ended up fighting but then Yoshino decided that Mahiro might need him after all and thus proposed a deal to the woman making her agree for the moment.


Revelations were a big thing in this episode, IMO. From more weird fruit with large eyeballs floating, more butterflies flying, more people metalize and dying, more characters showing and more emotions surfacing! Plus…English opening song! lol

Although being it a development or just a mere introduction, I must say it is on between. The main characters’ characteristics after the weird happening surrounding them are now starting to surface and especially the tendency of Mahiro to be Yoshino’s enemy if ever he gets into being irrational as Yoshino have explained near the end of the episode and thus giving the link to why Yoshino wanted to stay beside Mahiro.

I must say that Hakaze is another one of those princesses with high level of magic that is also indirectly stupid? Lol Well, that’s what I’m seeing after this episode. Sure she is needed for what is happening to the world now but as to what Mahiro said that she would not be surviving without him hit the nail in the hack. Also one of the few humorous lines that Yoshino can say with a serious face, “But your only current magic is the ability to speak through a doll…” which actually made me laugh. It was rather unexpected for me to laugh with this kind of scene and this seldom happens so I guess this adds a point for this series? LOL

Of course, there’s another bishie that just suddenly appeared who actually has the qualifications to be one of my 2D crush collections; long dark haired with a spear. I imagined Mukuro from Katekyo Hitman Reborn after seeing him but good thing his voice chased away that image in my head. lol And seriously, Samon really do remind me of Luke. OTL

Also, Yoshino, starting to surface his feelings towards her girlfriend sure was an interesting sight. “Forty thousand brothers could not, with all their quantity of love, make up my sum.” was a really great line by Yoshino. Although I’m a little pitying over Mahiro who’s being fooled by Yoshino and Aika but for some reason, this feeling were shaken by the thought that Mahiro might know about the relationship between Yoshino and his late sister.

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