Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 4: The Undefined Relationship

“Friends are the best medicine.”


They escaped from being confined in their previous village and decided to go on another village which was on a country side. Even though it was only three days since a fruit grew, another one came again which silenced the country. They manage to get themselves shelter and food and at the same time, a bath.

Through curiosity, Hakaze managed to learn how Yoshino and Mahiro got to meet each other and how they became friends… well, or rather, close.


So this week we get good information about our two lead guys, Yoshino and Mahiro; although I was expecting some good action because of the title. Lol I’m not sure if I should believe what Yoshino said that they are not really friends since, if I were asked, they are not that of an acquaintance nor that of two people getting benefits just by being with each other. Not only that, each knew that each life would be in danger when they are together. Even Aika, from episode 1, said the same thing to Yoshino. If these two doesn’t have a relationship of friendship then what?! D8

Personally, I really like Yoshino’s indirect approach on things – or maybe his unstable emotional display through the episodes. I mean he appears to be someone calm and cool and needed by the hot-headed Mahiro to neutralize his emotions but then on another second, he would go and rush himself, in a panic, just to save people from metalizing. It was rather a contrast of what he’s been acting through before he knew about the Black Iron Syndrome and those fruits. But to tell you, I like this personality of Yoshino. Not only he is unique at being like it, he’s also unpredictable – just the character I would seriously fangirl over. Plus, this is what Mahiro also sees on Yoshino but not that he likes it on Yoshino either – it’s just something he hasn’t seen from his other classmates.

Just look at these two!!! If they are not friends, they are just husband and wife living under the same roof?!?!?! D8

I also like Mahiro, in a way but you know, his personality is your usual hot-headed-cool-and-rich kind of guy. I can’t really imagine how these two became this close and yet THEY ARE NOT FRIENDS. FINE. THEY ARE NOT. (They are just romantically attached to each other – in my dreams)

You call it fate or whatsoever but Yoshino and Mahiro’s meeting was beautiful. It was also cute, funny and seriously too mature for their age! The way Yoshino pays back on the things that’s happened to him was too funny, seriously. So much for the episode title. >.>

So far, I’d laugh like Hakaze did when Mahiro said that if he hadn’t met Yoshino, he wouldn’t be able to get that far with his life – since the same thing was said by Yoshino when Hakaze asked him about their relationship with each other. If they are not friends, WHAT ARE THEY?!?! SOMEONE, TELL ME OR I’LL FANTASIZE THAT THEY DON’T WANNA BE FRIENDS BUT RATHER LOVERS. LOLOL But to be honest, what Yoshino and Mahiro have is not your typical friendship game, it’s even deeper. It’s like… they are twins… O_O They are freaking linked by something I can’t really explain in words. Lol

Just look at that umbrella and bottled water!!! They are not freindssssss!!! D8

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