Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ep 8: SOMEBODY IS FALLING IN LOVEEEEEE

After the battle against Touka, Rikka who continues to refuse accepting reality and decides to retreat back to their apartment. Yuuta barely manages to catch the same train back and once they return, Rikka finds herself locked out of her apartment and so Yuuta lets her stay the night, only to find out they are alone.

Did you see that? Rikka’s heart is pounding, she’s blushing and it seems that she is starting to be conscious about her feelings towards Yuuta. *SQUEALS*SOMEBODY IS FALLING IN LOVEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
I was actually expecting the entire episode to be emotional, so I had prepared tissues in advance since the ending of Ep 7 just drowned me in feels and I was in tears. I can’t tell whether it’s unfortunate or fortunate that they didn’t spend too much time on Rikka’s delusional world falling apart. While it was short, it was sad and truly heartbreaking, but just not enough to make me cry. I think this is what makes this show so fascinating to watch because it is all about Illusions VS Reality, and when we see the illusion that Rikka had fabricated together to protect herself and cope with the shock of losing her father start disintegrating, it was quite a phenomenal effect.
The rest episode episode, well it turned into a makeshift date… sort of. Depends on how you look at it as I am definitely wearing my Shipper Goggles, ohohohohohohoho~! We managed to get a glimpse of what appears to be Rikka’s first indirect encounter with Yuuta, who at the time was Dark Flame Master! acting out on his balcony. I think it is safe to say at that point, he was more of an inspiration and she admired his actions from afar.
I think it was the right move for Yuuta to stick up with Rikka when Touka was really trying to pound reality into Rikka’s head. It was good to see how chunnibyou came in effect for him as he was experiencing being lonely despite the fact he was surrounded by ‘friends’. I believe it is safe to say that most if not all those who are still experiencing or had experienced chunnibyou is all part of protecting themselves from reality too. I am definitely curious now whether Sanae and Shinka both have a back story of their own, but seeing how there’s only 12 episodes in slot, I doubt we’ll hear anything about it within the next four episodes- nor do I know whether or not the Light Novel covered their back stories at all.
So it turns out Kumin genuinely has an innocent mind when it comes down to experience with boys and did not catch what Shinka was referring to/gossiping about. Poor Isshiki, he’s going to have a ridiculously hard time getting Kumin to even understand about his feelings whenever he decides to boldly confess to her. He was considerably lucky that she left on her own rather than unknowingly giving him a chance to confess.


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  1. burizulu says:

    Not much of a light novel spoiler, but Sanae, Kumin, and Touka don’t exist in the light novel; they are anime only characters. Only two novels are out so far and there isn’t much material to work with, so Kyoani added a lot.

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