Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 54: The Truth

“The situation’s changed. What now?” – Killua


Another peaceful day for both Gon’s and Chrollo’s party however because of the sudden revelations on both sides; tension grew back in a split second making all their plans to be re-thought.

Kurapika learned that the dead spiders were all fake and thus making his plans to find the remaining pairs of kurta eyes to be held back to finish all the spiders for sure while in Chrollo’s side, all the spiders knew about what Hisoka has been doing because of the fortune telling Nen that their boss have stolen from Neon.


Well, at first I thought it would affect Kurapika so much that it would seriously show on his skin but it didn’t and maybe it was perhaps by the help of Gon and Killua’s childish interaction that somehow made him feel lighter. Kurapika, lost some sight is not something I would be pleasured about. Plus, Gon and Killua are just so cute together. Be them, kids, or great hunters, they are still a funny duo but then dangerous when it comes to serious matters.

Ah… they are just the cutest.

Fortunately, Hisoka manage to send Kurapika a message. If he had done this before, then it wouldn’t be so hard for Kurapika to convince his self about the sudden death of the Spider members. It was rather quick and played so well that it was too perfect to see – that it was perfect to be fake. With Kurapika’s sudden emotions, boiling, it was understandable that he wouldn’t be able to think accurately about the stuff that happened so far. Well, I look forward for the help that Gon, Killua and Leorio are planning this time.

Well, the ever awesome Chrollo stole Neon’s Nen to do fortune telling. It is a really interesting Nen anyway so I can’t blame But seriously, I liked his hair before than this normal-brushed-up one. It’s so annoying to look at. XD

Hisoka this time dug his own grave. I’m not really sure if he was already ready to face Chrollo this time or is he just trying to prevent the troupe from going away by asking about the other members’ fortune. It’s Hisoka anyway. He’s a very precious character in this series so he obviously know what he is doing and he has to survive for cough Gon’s cough sake. Haha At least, by doing this, he’s going to be in another good fight again. Come to think of it, it has been a long while since I’ve seen Hisoka fight and hearing all of his hisokagasm. XD

Meteor City was also mentioned. All of the things that the fortune was telling were also revealed. Now I don’t have to punish myself for thinking about the other stuff. But, please, I do not like the thought that even a baby they would seriously throw him on a dumpsite. At least dump him/her to an orphanage. D:

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