Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episodes 55 & 56: Their Chase


Episode 55. Hisoka’s spy identity was found out by the members of the Spiders and had given the troupe to decide on whether or not they are going to go home and loose half of the number of their members or stay to keep each other alive. With all other confusions aside, the boss decided to stay which makes everything fall into Hisoka’s plan.

Episode 56. When the troupes were discussing about Nostrade family’s body guards and how to track down the chain user, Chrollo figured that he had forgotten something important which could have lead them to the chain user in no time. With that in mind, he was able to track down the carrier of the fake eyes of the Kurtas. While with the chase, Kurapika and company chased down the members who were also fast pacing towards the hotel that they have moved into.


Yay! Because I was so busy last week, I wasn’t able to give out the impressions needed for last week’s episode so I’m doing this dual episode in one post. I’m hoping for your forgiveness. XD

Hisoka, we all know how evil he is and how he would really love to kill the boss of the troupe. Not to mention, I get to hear some Hisokagasm there. The last time I’ve heard it was when he fought Gon at the previous arc. He was also wise and fast enough to modify the fortune that he has given to the other members in order to confuse their decision on leaving whereas, it was obviously done for his own personal reason: to fight and defeat the boss of the Phantom Troupe. I guess that psychological tactic was pretty much effective. Nobunaga was almost gonna start fighting Hisoka too and I was kind of happy when Hisoka drew his cards up to defend his self just in case something dreadful is gonna happen.

With the troupe’s lives were confirmed to be still alive, Kurapika and the gang planned for their next move. At first, Kurapika had to hesitate on involving his friends in this mess but Gon’s persistence is something one cannot simply ignore and Kurapika is just one of them. Gon even manage to make Kurapika spit out the real reason why his chains exists and not all of his chains are bound to the condition that they should all be used on Spider members. Gon was even willing to have his life sacrificed just to help out Kurapika with his plan. Not only are those, even Killua and Leorio on the bet as well. Even so, Kurapika, in his own great mind, didn’t even dare to use one of his chains against his friends. Talk about awesome friendship here.

I would like to talk about Kurapika’s disguise just for their plan on tracking down the Phantom Troupe’s members. If we can recall the heated up debate during the first series were aired by multiple television across the world, one topic that every HxH fan were arguing about was Kurapika’s gender. HAHA I remember the times when I and my friends were in that situation that we wouldn’t talk to each other just because of Kurapika’s gender. Good thing the remake did make it clear from his first appearance that he is female and not only that, they also made it clear that whenever Kurapika crossplays, he makes a really beautiful woman. XD This is one thing that we cannot deny and all of HxH fans do agree that Kurapika is your typical feminine bishounen all the way. I can’t help but to smile seeing his disguise in the whole episode of 56. XD

To add up for more Kurapika moments, whenever he faces members of the phantom troupe, it is seemed he is unable to control his self at all. Well, good thing he has friends such as Gon, Killua and Melody to help him cool down and deal with the situation without him, being caught. Killua and Melody’s first time to work together wasn’t so bad although it was so short.

The guy with the puppies didn’t live long enough and it was also sad for his lover as well and for the doggies too. Well, I didn’t like his character to begin with anyway and I bet he regretted the fact that he didn’t went with the shopping with Neon since he was killed because he was left behind. Haha

Gon and Killua got caught by the Troupe’s leader because of Kurapika’s uncontrollable temper over the Spiders. Even though he was sorry about it, Gon and Killua are already tied up and are being forced to follow their orders as their hostages. Plus, you know, powerful people with desires that is yet-to-be-known like Chrollo are just the characters I would avoid to confront with. LOL

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