Robotics; Notes Episode 6: The Dream


“A dying dream is just too sad.” – Aki


Kai slowly got some information new to him and started investigating the facts about Kimijima Kou. Through this, he found out a device called EGI which transmits messages to outer space and even found out that Kimijima was murdered and his death’s information source can’t be found anywhere else.

Meanwhile, the episode boozes up with new members on the club namely, Jun Daitoku and Furugoori Kona, and of course, Subaru’s dream about Robots and how his father detests his dream.


One thing I like about this series as well is that: they do the scenes in a timely manner in each episode. It is like; you get a lot of information about the characters and the whole story in just one episode. Although sometimes, I find it too fast but for some reason, I kind of like how the episode turns out. It’s like your one week of wait is so worth it. XD

Let me first talk about the new facts that Kai got to learn about Kimijima’s report. There are a couple of things he was able to gather:

  1. Kimijima is Airi’s creator.
  2. Kimijima was murdered with an unknown murderer.
  3. Airi was Misa’s (Aki’s big sister) friend.
  4. Found out the source of the weird sound that sends through his PokeCom.
  5. And how he unconsciously started to take interest in other stuff aside from playing Kill-Ballad.

Misa and Airi’s relationship must have been the reason why she was so interested in all electronics stuff and since Sister Centipede is such an efficient tool to have, it’s like carrying your own talking Encyclopedia and she’s cute. But, does she really have to be in that same building every time? Lol She was once found outside on the fields and other areas mentioned on the weird rumors.

Actually, Kai got scared of an old tape player.

We also get to know a lot of things on the rest of the Robotics Club members. Jun Daitoku is afraid of robots but then decided to still join the robotics club because of her liking on Aki (even though Aki thinks that she likes Kai for some odd obvious reason). She’s shy, too shy and definitely one with a wild imagination. Getting to hear wrong things and imagine them in a whole new level made me want to squish her red face. LOL Then we have Furugoori and as expected, she doesn’t want to be called by her girly name. XD She also gets to this eroge portion of the otaku world where she would shamelessly demand a compensation for a strip with megane image of Subaru or a room where Subaru and Kai would be having fun together. Okay, we might just get along too well with this kind of conversation since knowing Frau is a fan of BL is just too nice enough for me. Plus, her work on the coding within 72 hours straight is just what a programmer would usually do. XD

I got it, I got it. Subaru is just simply hot in this picture.

OMG The test run on M45’s new controls is just… just like… Kill-Ballad in real life! You know, two robots, fighting, using Kill-Ballad’s controls is just like the game itself! Only that, they only use of hobby robots which are cute and too cool when zoomed in. But to think that they’d be able to do that without even realizing, it is just so cool! Everyone should just go and configure their controls. lol

Face my punch, you stupid idiotic robot-freak son of mine!

Then the freaking highlight of the episode: Subaru’s dream. From one of the previous episodes, you might have remembered that Subaru’s father told him about the ROBO-ONE Competition and I was so curious onto why he brought up the topic and why would Subaru even have to lie to his dad. Well, this was the answer we get. I would really understand his father if giving up Subaru’s dream would mean of a greater thing to happen for him but no. HE HAS TO GIVE UP HIS DREAM TO BECOME A FREACKING FISHERMAN. OKAY. I GET IT. His son, who has the talent in the field of robotics that other people envies, HAS TO BECOME A FISHERMAN SOMEDAY. FINE. I CAN PICTURE SUBARU OUT PERFECTLY. But isn’t that just being naïve? LOL Even Aki disagrees to such thing. I would have been happy if Subaru will become a company’s president for giving up his dream. But this thing… it’s unacceptable.

PS: Aki’s speech and reaction about Subaru’s dream being crushed right in front of her almost made me in tears since I experience what Subaru had once in my life. Q_Q

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