Sukitte Iinayo Ep 5: Finding Faith Again

Yamato invites Mei and her cat Marshmellow over to his out after he had taken in a kitten that Mei had found abandoned in the park. However he is called out by Kenji and Mei ends up spending time with his little sister Nagi who has lost trust in people after frequently being used by her so-called friends.

Hahahaha, in the end- Yamato didn’t have the chance to spend the day with Mei since he was called out by Kenji and during that time Mei and his little sister were hanging out together instead.
So many feels this episode. This is one of the many scenarios that hit close to home in the past, so I really feel for Nagi. It’s such a heartbreaking experience, and to find that out at such a young age can make you quickly lose faith in future friendships and constantly question people’s loyalty.
🙁 Poor Nagi was being used and was cast aside the minute she said caught on and came up with an excuse to reject the request. It was great that Mei was able to connect with Nagi and helped her find some faith again for the future.
I was super amused when Mei revealed her cooking horror story. Judging from what she said, Yamato won’t be getting home cooking, or home-made chocolate from her any time soon. Poor guy, he is probably secretly looking forward to it in the future, but who knows- maybe Nagi will be the one to help her out if she decides that she wants to do that. That would be super adorable!!!!!
Oh speaking of adorable! HEEHEE! When Yamato couldn’t turn a blind eye to the kitten and took him and then was soon calling Mei because he was freaking out about what to do. It was utterly adorable and hilarious how excited he was to see little Kuro poop. Pffth, understandably it’s important because if the kitten hadn’t done so in a long time, then there’s clearly something wrong.
. _____ . I’m rather surprised how short I am making my entries for this show. I have no complaints and I am absolutely savoring the fact that there has been no major jealousy fit and bitch-attacks. I like it this way. It is refreshing and it takes an alternative route to what we see in a lot of shoujo manga.


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