K Episode 9: Target Located

“I found you.”


So Weismann’s immortal. Yes, that would actually make a lot of sense, since he didn’t look too worried despite being caught in the explosion of his own airship. That flashback to World War II showed a side of him in his younger days that seems far less insane than the Weismann today – him as a scientist, working on an experiment where a single mouse can control many other mice with the power of a Slate and a miniature version of the swords that all the Kings can manifest. That seems rather potent, as that army lieutenant commented, and I think there might have been hints that this technology was used to fight in the war that resulted, with Weismann’s sister being one of the casualties. Well, Weismann himself is currently being sheltered by the Second and Gold King, whom we still know nothing about – I’m speculating that he might be the army lieutenant from the flashback who has now aged, but I could be very wrong. He’s been said by Scepter 4 to protect Weismann though, and is in control of the Usagi faction, a whole new group we have no info on, similar to the Gold King and his motives.

We’re also slowly starting to get more pieces of the puzzle – most notably who the real killer of Tatara Totsuka was. Despite the blood on Shiro’s shirt and the lack of a proper alibi he’s able to give regarding the video of the murder, I’m actually starting to think that it wasn’t Shiro at all, and that Weismann more than likely has a hand in things. Whoever the perpetrator was had to have considerable psychic power to be able to contact Mikoto from within Scepter 4, and the fox mask he wore was oddly similar to the ones displayed by Weismann on his “doll” that he used to dance with up on his airship before he decided to blow it up. Add that to the idea that, using the Slate he’s able to have some extent of control over people, and you have fairly solid links that he had something to do with the murder – maybe he didn’t do it directly, but he may have influenced it, and diverted from his usual airship paths as explained last episode to watch his own handiwork. This links back to Shiro’s school (which he may actually return to) with his classmates actually starting to remember bits about his personality but apparently not his name or appearance.

Mikoto seems to have been enjoying Munakata’s hospitality all this time, and instead of not being able to break out it’s that he’s not bothered to – he easily tore apart through everyone in Scepter 4 from Fushimi to Seri, and perhaps back in the first few episodes he could have been holding back against Munakata as well. Instead of heading straight to the school, it seems that Mikoto will have a little run-in with Munakata first, and somehow I’m getting the feeling that their argument isn’t about him leaving jail…

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