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Kuroko no Basket Episode 7 -  (11)

“Don’t talk until you’ve played them.”


Seirin is fighting their way to pass through the preliminaries and not even a tall, dark and not-that-handsome player can even stop them. Shinkyo, with an import player, “Papa”, was defeated since they underestimated Seirin too much.

Continuing to the next matches, Seirin manage to win them all without even making Kuroko play during the games at all. To add the defeated teams of Seirin, there’s Meijo Gakuen, where members were the thugs from episode 5 making it an easy win. Then Shutoku enters the scene, making the audience went into a bang!


Let me punch that tall dude!!! Let me!!! How can he bully Kuroko just like that, huh?! Well, anyway, their loss serves them right! Prolly, one shall not underestimate the opponent – not when you haven’t played with them yet and another: DO NOT MAKE KUROKO MAD or you will have to say good bye to your precious tournament entry and be defeated utterly by the combo of two first years. Again, it was just two first years and their senpais haven’t done anything yet – ANYTHING AT ALL. No, I’m not mad for some reason, while writing this review down, I am mad and I don’t even know why. Maybe it’s because this face is pissing me off:

Kuroko no Basket Episode 7 -  (4)
It’s funny but I’m still pissed.

Well, enough with the Shinkyo guys since that Otou-san is pissing me off even after they were defeated with that solid kind of guts. It’s good that Seirin is going smoothly through their matches day by day and not to mention, they are nearing on going against two of the “Kings” of their region and more: they get to play against them in one day! Well, if they manage to win against one king, they will fight another one which is going to be Midorima’s team, Shutoku – which is on another bracket.

Kuroko no Basket Episode 7 -  (12)Remember episode 5? You know, those thugs that bullied some street basketball and where Kuroko, Kagami and Kise go up against on a three on five basketball showdown and was utterly defeated by the trio? Well, they were from another team during the preliminaries and by fate; they were against “Seirin” whom they know a weak team which only started this year. They should at least update their database that Seirin did not only start basketball this year but had a team for the sport for three years now. Well, not that it mattered anyway since after they noticed that two members of Seirin were the people, whom they fought against on a street court, were members of the opposing team. They played but were totally scared. I dunno. I really find this really cute and really funny at the same time and the way Kuroko and Kagami greeted them was seriously too funny.

After all their matches, they get to see Shutoku in action and were shocked to know what a member of Generation of Miracles can do. Well, not that they were not that impressed with Kise during their practice match but it is because Midorima has another different special ability or talent that can outrun any player on the court. Not that he can do it while running but what he can do is totally exceptional. Unlike Kise, who can copy ones movement just by seeing it once, Midorima is different – apart from the bandages and those “lucky items”. He’s a really good shooter – and not just any shooter – but a three-pointer that can shoot a ball on an unbelievable arc and can even turn around, not seeing his shot go in, and can confidently say it will go in. No shit that does gonna happen with bandaged fingers and with some lucky items or some stupid horoscope that no one in their teens believes nowadays. HE IS JUST TALENTED ENOUGH TO DO THAT. Else, that confidence could have been something called “baseless confidence”.

Kuroko no Basket Episode 7 -  (23)

Kuroko has said his witness: HE HAS NEVER MISSED ANY SHOT AT ALL. He might have when he was starting out; he might have when he was just practicing all by himself but in Kuroko’s eyes or anyone else’s eyes, MIDORIMA NEVER MISSED A SHOT. That’s period. Not enough of it? Yes, not enough. Midorima can even shoot those three pointers in an incredible arc, so many times in a row and it’s like his shots are unlimited and he can do it up until he collapses. I know, exaggerated but this is ANIME. This is KUROKO NO BASKET. This is EPICNESS. Okay, it might have been impossible and the author is little over to the top but FUCK LOGIC. Everything in anime doesn’t even need it as long as it can turn the tables of the main characters up-side-down and can make an awesome story epic. You should already know that Midorima and Kise are just two members from Generation of Miracles. So, what else would the other members has to say about these?