Kuroko no Basket Episode 9 -  (26)

“I’m sorry. I may not be very strong, but he apparently has a grudge, so I’m here to pay it back… by proxy.”

– Kuroko Tetsuya


Seirin and Seiho’s match continues with Kagami taking more fouls against Tsugawa. Knowing what is Seiho’s been using for their wall of defense and for their attacking strategy isn’t enough. Seirin must also use their experts in order to win against a team of experts as well in order to avoid what happened to their match last year, thus, succeeded.

Seirin has been doing fine in the match but with Kagami’s stamina which can’t hold on his jumps that long, Seirin needs another strategy and… Seirin decided to sub out their two first years?!


This episode is another one important development on Seirin’s team. Not only for their two first years to learn but also to pay back the depth against Seiho last year. I believe that in this episode, I felt chills ran down my spine as I watched all of the senpais played altogether without using their first years at all. You may call it pride but that is how they do the roll. By the way, before anything else…

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Ugh, yes, Kuroko gets these comments a lot on court but I can’t get enough with these crazy reactions from them. XD

One thing is for sure, Seirin has to win. If not, they wouldn’t be able to go against Shutoku at all – where Midorima is personally expecting Seirin to win since, of course, Kuroko is a player whom he respects. With Kagami having fouls for four times already (whereas if it turns five, the player will not be able to play for the rest of the match) and needs to sub out. Although if he makes sure he doesn’t commit another foul again, it would be nice but you see, having four fouls already has a negative psychological effect that would seriously affect both you and your team’s performance; probably bringing the whole team down. Seeing as how Kagami is short tempered and is obviously has been taken aback by Tsugawa, it was only a proper decision for Seirin to sub him out… and Kuroko. Oh wait- Kuroko? He has done nothing bad! Well, since they might fight against Shutoku next, where Midorima is concerned, Seirin needs to preserve their two first years for the next match.

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I did mention that Riko was scary but… Hyuga won’t back down to that either.

Don’t worry – not because the two first years are out of the game, that doesn’t mean Seirin had lost all hope in winning this game. Although it might have been called a “revenge” but together with their pride, they must win against Seiho with the same team as last year in order to get back on their feet and move on to their loss with tripled score. It might have sounded heavy and cocky but at the same time, I like how all five of them decided to do so and this gives the other members of Seirin the spot light (which Kagami usually steals from our lead character, Kuroko lol). Of course, the senpai team of Seirin, aside from Hyuga who plays a perfect captain for the team, there are other members that needs some fans too like Mitobe.

Mitobe is typically a player that doesn’t say anything… literally. Yes, he doesn’t have a seiyuu for the anime and does he never did try saying anything at all but can nod, smile, and be angry with you with just facial expressions and physical signs. But that’s not what he usually do in the court.  Although he is quiet, he seems to have worked a lot in his mind while playing and does a great defense and of course, with his new dunking style which he honed for a year after their defeat. I say it was pretty much the only thing he could do: improve. Not only Mitobe did improve, it would be same with the other members as well.

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I took this screenshot because he was too cool. XD

Kuroko no Basket Episode 9 -  (36)The episode also tackled Izuki’s “Eagle Eye” which his special talent to see the wholeness of the court in an incredible point of view without looking from that point of view. Basically, he can picture out the players inside the court, their exact positions, exact distance, and exact angle through the use of his eyes and imagination. It’s a really great ability and even Seiho’s captain, Kasamatsu, respects. He mentions that there is one player of Seirin, aside from the two first years, which caught his attention and it wasn’t Hyuga, their captain, but Izuki. With his ability to see in a bird’s eye point of view, he can actually play in a way he can use the members of the opposing team as a diversion against themselves and use that small chance to score. Izuki has a perfectly cool character but the way he would catch up on things is just funny. Well, KnB IS that kind of series after all. If it’s comedy, they’d have more to offer in every episode.

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And Izuki can do this.

There’s also Koganei and Tsuchida won’t be left out, of course but…

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Riko’s expression pretty much answers your question.

It’s because Koganei fainted after saving a ball getting out of bounce, he has to be substituted and they have Kagami and Kuroko as choices and the winner is…

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