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The backlash of treating people like crap is starting to take effect and Megumi finds herself becoming more and more desperate to keep people by her side.

Megumi has a trauma from her childhood that doesn’t allow her to trust people and their word behind it. She thinks that they are sprouting lies when they say she’s cute.
Megumi never had someone to lean back on. Her mother was always busy working, so she would always be home alone, and at the same time it looks like that this also meant not being given the affection and care she needed like what most of the other kids had. Worst of all, she truly believed that she was ugly.
As soon as that happened: that damn negative thought is burned into her mind. This is the core of her trauma and is the reason behind why she has a difficult time or never trusts anyone’s word.
Does this make me want to cut Megumi’s character some slack when it comes to nitpicking about her?
Honestly no, because her behavior and the way she treats others is unacceptable. Regardless what kind of past one has, the action of bullying anybody and going as far as going all out to steal their friends away (of course they aren’t even worth to be considered “friends” if they are go back and forth without a care in the world) because they are jealous and feel that they are the only one who is allowed to be in the center of attention.
I genuinely appreciate Asami’s and Aiko’s characters because they are genuinely Mei’s friends. The kind that would ask whether she can be included or not because they don’t want her to be left behind on her own. And thanks to asking whether Mei could join them, they were quickly able to make Megumi snap and reveal her true colors and act extremely desperate… which I have to say was really pathetic.
The who-knows-her-name girl who I see becoming a reliable and true friend for Megumi has stepped up her game. She is at the very least making attempts to see Megumi when she knows the girl is pretty much broken right now. Her obnoxious behavior caused that backlash. I dare say that’s the karma that was waiting to come back to bite her.

Sukitte Ii na yo Ep 11 STITCH
I managed to stitch it <3

In the mean time, while all of the above is happening: Mei and Yamato finally go off onto their overnight date to the theme park where they are later cockblocked by Nagi who joined them for the rest of the trip. The date itself was adorable. Mei dressed up and looked absolutely stunning and mustered up her courage to face her fears of the extreme thriller rides despite the fact she is terrified of them.
Overall the episode wasn’t bad. A part of me wished that it didn’t have to focus on Megumi so much and gave a little more date time… but then again, the cutesy lovebirds act between Mei and Yamato is getting a bit repetitive (of course this is a normal thing, but it gets boring to watch/read after a while) so I am partially happy that this part was cut short.
PS: I hear that this adaption is doing a poor job following the manga as well… I guess this is a good thing that everything is a blur (I’ve read this like… four years ago I think?).


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    I wish they could have focused more on the date as well. I also think it’s disappointing how the sister just happens to be there…

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