Sukitte Iinayo Ep 13: The Series of Silly Misunderstandings [FINAL]

Sukitte Iinayo Ep 13 Img0015Yamato ends up sick in bed and Mei is unsure whether she should go and visit him or not. Her friends give her the push she needs only to become futile after Nagi had picked up Yamato’s phone while Mei was making a call and claimed that Yamato didn’t want to see her. A series of silly misunderstandings happen between the two love birds as they start to grow anxious blame themselves for their course of actions.

Final Impression:
I didn’t think I was ever going to say this but: Thank god this is over!
It’s not that I disliked the series or the episode. It is because I can only tolerate so much fluff.  These two corny lovebirds are so over the top!!

Just oh my goodness, Mei!  Take you own advice! YOU COULDN’T EVEN RING THE GOD DAMN DOOR BELL!!!!

Sukitte Iinayo Ep 13 Img0018

Then when Yamato had jumped over his gate and passed by Mei- I face-palmed laughing sarcastically. At that point the misunderstandings between the two became plain stupid . Fluffy finale indeed with silly misunderstandings- especially on Yamato’s part since his fever is getting to his head and THEN HIS STUPID CELLPHONE PHONE DIES! I am sorry, but oh my god- this is too much!!! /DEAD

They really had to wrap up the show with 95% of the cast all in relationships or so- even the prick abandoning his playboy days and committing himself to a proper relationship, and Nagi having a friend who appears to have a little crush on her- Sheeesh! Talk about a fluffy ending! Personally I think the way things ended and were wrapped up last week was a whole lot better than this ridiculous over the top, fluffy episode. Of course on the other hand, I am sure lots of people enjoyed how things turned out for the finale.
Sukitte Iinayo Ep 13 Img0033
Overall Sukitte Iinayo’s anime adaption was a good sweet fluffy story about love and friendship. However I can’t say whether the manga is as fluffy as the anime delivered it to be since as I have mentioned a few times already: To most if not all the fans who are familiar with the manga, this was considered as a ‘failed adaption’. So much like Kamisama Hajimemashita there are two sides of a coin here. The manga fans and the new audience. To the new audience like myself (since it’s been far too long ago since I’ve last read it to remember anything) the anime was considerably good.
Stay tuned for the Overall Review, I’ll have that up later.


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0 thoughts on “Sukitte Iinayo Ep 13: The Series of Silly Misunderstandings [FINAL]

  1. This is seriously a shoujo that I had to give up in the middle. I’ve read the manga and it was nice. Sweet, fluffy and your usual shoujo with all the cunning scenes and stupid misunderstandings and all the fucking fucked up dragging techniques a mangaka can come up with – which is the thing I hate.
    Basically, I enjoyed the first episode. That was it. XDD

  2. I wouldn’t even label this anime as good. I would classify it as “meh”. It had no dramatic plots that were really earth shattering or any characters that will stick out in my mind for years or even months to come. It’s a gush story and that’s it.

    1. I say “considerably good” more in comparison to the other shoujos we’ve seen this season (considering I dropped Tonari and absolutely despised how Kamisama turned out). I agree it’s ‘meh’, and the characters ended up pretty annoying- mostly Yamato because he was being stupid 95% of the time. It is most certainly going to be forgettable one and I know for a fact that I won’t find myself re-watching this. People who enjoy watching fluffy love stories with the usual misunderstanding trend- then yeah it is likely they will enjoy this more than we did.

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