Sukitte Iinayo Ep 9: Calm before the Storm

Yamato and Mei are back in a steady waters again, however a new storm is brewing as Kei a friend from Yamato’s guilty past appears revealing to Mei that he has returned to seek revenge.

Oh god, this is going to get messy X_X;;; Aye aye aye. Ugh, at this point I can’t see Kai genuinely liking Mei for the right reasons. He is obviously targeting her because she is Yamato’s girlfriend. If she weren’t, then I wouldn’t be too concerned about his sudden confession.
Mei once again shares her wisdom to the people who harbors hatred towards another, and she is right on the mark. Seeking revenge by doing the exact same time the bullies have done against them is not the right thing to do. It will only make them be pulled way down to their level. Why bother sinking like a rock instead of soaring to the sky?
However seeing Kai’s flashback of his bullied experience does in a way backup his wish for revenge. He was bullied cruelly, but still no matter what- revenge is never the right answer. It bothers me a lot that Kai will be using Mei as a tool to get back at Yamato. Mei is the innocent bystander and does not deserve to be pulled into this mess. I consider this pretty unhanded, and plain dirty tatics. Since Kai is so set on seeking revenge, what he should be doing instead is targeting Yamato alone. Why draw more hate and create unnecessary tensions between people who you have no prior relationship with?
Also, why the hell of of people target Yamato first? While I do understand from Kai’s perspective that Yamato betrayed him when he needed him most, and he wants Yamato to feel that pain by making him deal with facing a betrayal from the one he is most close to (Mei)… I don’t know… no matter what it doesn’t justify giving the guy crap when the main bullies actually physically abused him.
Overall good episode. I seriously can’t get enough of Mei and Yamato’s sweetness and aslkjdlas I can’t! They are just too cute together! Might as well savor the moment as it’s going to get nasty… varying on whether Kai will actually pull through with his plan against Yamato. I sincerely hope that Megumi will not be involved because that would just create pure chaos.


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  1. I feel bad for Kai too. His bullying was pretty extreme but I’m glad he took no action against the guy who had burned him.
    I don’t think he’ll play much of a threat role though because Mei has already put him in his place time and time again.
    Didn’t you just laugh at their poses once the mom came in the room. Trying to pretend you’re asleep while a half naked man is in your room? Hahaha… crazy logic.

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