Valentine’s Day draws near, and Yuuta has a special chocolate prepared for our resident cuticle detective. Ogino visits the office before he can give the chocolate to Inaba, and the reason is that his daughter has made chocolate for Inaba as well. Ogino, as it turns out, didn’t get any chocolates from his beloved daughter, which leads to him chasing Inaba down in a rage. A run in with Valentino and his love potion chocolate leads to Yuuta destroying everyone in a giant flash out of jealousy. The case is closed when Inaba returns to normal after eating Yuuta’s (hairy) chocolate. After this, Yuzuki returns to take care of a new detective-in-training, Stella. While relaxing in a café, Valentino and gang attack the group, causing Stella’s darker side to come out.

This episode was all about the anime references, wasn’t it? When Yuzuki was shot, he pulls out a book that save his life- which is way bigger than what is possible to fit in the pocket, leading to the 4D pocket joke(Doraemon). Yuuta, in a fit of jealousy when Inaba starts liking Kei because of the love potion, pulls a Super-Trap-Saiyan, which is deflected by Ogino’s KO field. If you didn’t catch it, it was definitely an AT field, like in Neon Genesis Evangelion.

The jokes were actually pretty good this time around! I know I said it was going to be repetitive because it will be the same culprits and the same general style of jokes, but there’s always something unexpected that everyone does. I especially enjoyed the “aha” moment when Ogino shows up in a rage at the office- all because his daughter made chocolate for Inaba, and not for him. Poor guy.

Don Valentino, he’s just the same as ever. I feel that this episode goes to Gabriella. Lorenzo was the butt of most of the abuse, from being face-kicked while trying to pretend to be a woman in help, and a second time as a server in the café. Gabriella has all the poise and serious parts, and is probably the real brains in the operation. When she takes off her glasses to switch to sunglasses, it was a surprise they made her eyes puffy. XD

Stella is probably the cutest thing I have seen. Yuuta is alright, but Stella just takes the cake with her dog ears and trusting eyes. Just watch out for her rage mode- if you hurt her friends, she’ll get you. I feel she will be a great Doberman someday. Yuzuki is actually a pretty good fit to take care of her, despite his weird relationship with Inaba.