“We were mad, so we picked a fight with him without thinking about the consequences. We regret nothing.”

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Sakamaki, Asuka and Kasukabe all learn about what happened to Kurousagi’s community. At the same time, Galdo attempted to recruit Kasukabe, Asuka and Kurousagi, but the girls decline and end up challenging him to a match that will take place the next day after they had learned about his disturbing underhand tactics to his victories. Afterwards they regroup and Kurousagi takes them to visit Thousand Eyes trade community, only to end up challenging Shiroyasha, the Demon Lord of the White Night.


This was actually an interesting episode but the only thing that threw me off was Shiroyasha being one of the Demon Lords (of the White Night). I suppose this means not all Demon Lords are “evil” to the core since Shiroyasha and Kurousagi appear to be on relatively good terms. We also learned that each other our special guests are from their own unique worlds. As Kurousagi says, it is the “Parallel World Intersection Theory.”
My speculation that the No-Name community being terribly weak was on the mark, but it was a surprise to hear that they have been wiped out and all that remain are the children who survived and are not ready to compete, leaving only Kurousagi and Jin left to do so. Kurousagi wants to rebuild her community and reclaim their ‘Flag’ from the Demon Lords.
The Demon Lords are certainly problematic, since when Demon Lords challenge a community, the community can’t decline they are forced to compete. It’s interesting how they seem to have ties with certain community leaders, such as Galdo who received a beastly power upgrade with one of them at the end of the episode. I don’t know what kind of price he will have to pay for that power upgrade since without a doubt it was certainly was not for free.
Asuka quickly became one of my favorites of the trio. She is so badass. With her Geass-like abilities, she made Galdo sit down, keep his mouth shut while they are talking and get information regarding how Galdo and his community taken over so many others and learned that they blackmail their opponents after kidnapping the women and children of the communities to force them to bet their banner/organization brand name. Worst of all, that bastard kills all the children the day he kidnaps them.
Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuro Sou Desu Yo Ep 2 Img0023I found it rather hilarious how Kasukabe wasn’t even taking at the game as a challenge. She was more interested in riding the Griffin and becoming friends with it instead. It was certainly a surprise to learn that her Gift originates from her necklace her father had given to her so that she would be able to walk.
Last but not least Sakamaki. After their victory against Shiroyasha’s challenge, they had received a prize called Gift Cards (loved their reactions to it). The interesting part is that Sakamaki’s power is UNKNOWN. I wonder if there’s going to be a twist to this at all since it is definitely strange that it cannot be categorized. To us it looks like his abilities are Super Strength or something along the lines, but perhaps it is even more than that. But as they say, having a lot of power isn’t necessarily a good thing.
Overall good episode, definitely a whole lot more intriguing than the first. I hope they can keep this up till the end.


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