Robotics; Notes Episode 14: Robot Rampage

Robotics Notes Episode 14 -  (44)

“Rather than classes, I’ll attend during activities of the Robotics Club!” – Kona “Frau” Furugoori


The server of Roboratory Industry Inc. (RI) was hacked by an unknown user posing as Frau on the net and putting all the blame of the Tokyo Blackout to the Kill-Ballad maker. With the new administrative promp for the RI servers, they need to defeat the impossible Kill-Ballad CPU robot in order to access the admin and to stop the robots in Tokyo from rampaging.

Kai, with his utmost interest to beat the CPU gamer for the RI Admin, he decided to make use of his Slow-motion syndrome to beat the cheat-generated CPU player – in a hard way.


Can I just go in reverse order again? Because no matter how I love Frau’s personality, the way she thanked Kai and by clinging on him at the end of the episode was really disturbing and it is not something I wanted. LOL I’d rather be happy on seeing her with Subaru – since Subaru’s reactions to her weirdness is even more precious than Kai’s (who’s always so composed). But anyway, I’ll leave that for later. You see, this episode, unlike the other episodes so far, has depressing revelations and some events that gave me some tense. Maybe this series is already starting to pick up its own pace for the plot. Surprisingly, there wasn’t any useless scenes in this episode – like what they usually put on the previous ones. We’re getting serious this time.

Robotics Notes Episode 14 -  (34)
Yes, we are serious this time.

Robotics Notes Episode 14 -  (36)Tokyo had a serious problem – a city that a lot of people says that doesn’t sleep, experienced an all-out blackout that made Tokyo face the world in pitch black (they should be thankful since they are given the chance to see the stars once again but…meh). A blackout is not really a problem but there are more! Robots from the third largest robot producing industry actually gone wild and gone in a rampage in an uncontrollable manner. It seems that Roboratory Industry’s server has been hacked by one who’s posing as Frau. Although they are not really doing anything harmful to the people or making buildings explode into tiny little pieces or even started taking hostage of people they see but they are all just going straight up ahead and towards the same direction – the Metropolitan Government. The “Project Mars” as it was called, when a huge number of robots went on a rampage as retaliation against humans was started back in 2015, the same year as Gunvarrel had started airing. There were a lot more on the project and where the animation staff of the anime is concerned. Brainwashing and their disappearances were the given points and I have a small idea on where this is going. Both Misa and her “partner” from EXOSKELETON actually mentioned something about this and of course, Kimijima Kou’s name happened to have passed their lips too. I do know Misa knows something about this. I just know it.

Robotics Notes Episode 14 -  (32)Now, back to Kona and Kai who is trying to defeat the undefeatable CPU Kill-Ballad player and where Kona had been thinking of tracking down the hacker who’s posing as her on the net but then later found out it was one of her KB developers. Okay, shit happens, they say and not only that, it is also seemed that the Maguyan guy was actually brainwashed. So after targeting the animation staff of the Gunvarrel anime, the persecutor of the mysteries behind (maybe) Kimijima Kou’s death and Kona’s mother’s disappearance would go after the popular game where Gunvarrel, the robot of justice, is concerned – Kill-Ballad. And then we receive some good fan-service for Kai x Kona shippers out there and I am sure that I am not one of them (but a big fan of Kona, at least). Is this series even tagged as harem? Since I am seeing it under that tag lately. LOL Maguyan was said to be blackmailed by some false reality in his mind by doing the things he had done. He even mentioned Philippines, my country, and about these 2D characters as his daughter and wife. Wow. Talk about Otakus. He also looks different from one of his photo (shown on the television right after). That look is one of that of a programmer. I actually imagine my classmates looking like that in the future.

Fact: Kona loves her mother and Gunvarrel so much that she’d actually go to lengths as to cry her heart out. Another fact: Kona has this weird liking towards Kai that was shown on her “thank you” kiss later on the episode. Another: the return of Mister Pleiades was actually the reason why my stress suddenly went ahead and I laughed out loud. Lastly: The story of friendship is just as touching as ever even though it is cliché too much.

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