“Is this place full of perverts or something?!” -Asuka Kudou

Summary: As the festival held by the Northern Region turns out to be anything but peaceful, the No-Names are faced with a mysterious community called Rattenfänger and the certainty that a Demon Lord will be attacking the festival at some time.

Impressions: Lemme just say, that as a native German speaker, this episode made me want to take a cheese grater to my ears. If that little fairy, or any one else, had said Rattenfänger one. more. goddamn. time. I might have been tempted to off myself. Okay. Now that I have that off my chest. Mondaiji is a show that I watch every week, and yet, feel no real connection to. It’s an interesting premise, and it’s done okay, but I don’t know if it’s the weird dialogue (and by that I mean all the terms and vague explanations there of), or that I’m watching a lot of other (better) shows, or maybe that I’m just lazy, I just can’t bring myself to really care too much about this show. If I didn’t know it was only 10 episodes (and therefor more than half over), and that I’d already invested time in it, I’d probably have dropped it by now. But that aside, this episode was obviously setting up stuff for the next episode, which promises to see a show-down between You and the Rattenfänger community (I’m guessing giant robots will be involved.)


So we meet the Norther Floor Master, a little girl whose name is Sandora Dortlake. She’s super cute and all but 1. Why are there so many little kids in positions of power? Are there no adults around? and 2. speaking of making me want to take a cheese grater to my ears, her voice was also super annoying. My poor ears…Sandora’s got some history with Jin and the No-names. It seems like they used to be friends, but with everything that happened to the No-Name community and then her own hasty rise to power, they’ve kinda lost touch. If her brother Mandola, he of the bug antenas, doesn’t end up being a villain of some sort, I’ll eat my proverbial hat. He’s got some serious issues regarding who it’s “appropriate” to be friends with. I hope I at least get to see him get his ass kicked in the near future, since he seems like he needs an attitude adjustment.

Shiroyasha says some stuff about a prophecy that a Demon Lord is going to attack the festival, which is why she asked You, Asuka, Izayoi, and the rest for their help (I don’t remember that but w/e.) The prophecy is garunteed acurate, but what they don’t know is who is going to be summoning the Demon Lord. The person who gave the prophecy knows, but can’t tell, leading everyone to assume that it must be another floor master. Which is horrible? Izayoi’s on the same page, pointing out that just because someone a floor master doesn’t mean that they won’t be scheming and evil. The No-Names swear to help fight the impending Demon Lord attack.

Asuka’s off having fun with her little (annoying) fairy friend, eating food and viewing an exhibition of goods from different communities that are participating in the festival. Depending on if the community has a flag or not, their pieces are displayed differently and it’s interesting to see the wide variety of goods that different communities have up for display. Most impressive is the giant robot built by the Rattenfänger community, titled Dean. I’d be willing to guess that with everything that happens (and the fact that this Dean thing is featured in the opening), that the thing that You will be fighting in the final of the tournament will be this thing. A swarm of rats attack Asuka shortly after she sees Dean, and they’re all about finding the one who’s been lying about the name Rattenfänger. Turns out, they’re after the little annoying fairy, since she’s probably only saying she’s part of that community to keep herself safe (since, judging by the size of the robot (if you know what I mean wink wink) they’re very powerful.) I bet that the little annoying fairy is actually a member of the Will-O-Wisp community. More important, though, is that Asuka’s Gift doesn’t work against the rats at all, meaning that someone more powerful that her is behind them (it takes her a disturbingly long time to figure that one out though.)

Weeeee, fanservice.
Weeeee, fanservice.

Luckily, Leticia comes to save the day in a new, more grown up form (how? It’s like oh yeah, she can just do that because it’s convenient. And let’s not explain it at all. I mean really?) Then there was a lot of stuff in a bath/hotspring that was mostly fanservice. I’m glad that Asuka doesn’t give up even though her gift is harder to use than You’s or Izayoi’s. After everyones all nice and clean, they head off for a strategy meeting.

I knew as soon as that little fairy said Rattenfänger that the story of The Pied Piper of Hamelin would figure into the episode somehow, since the stories title is Der Rattenfänger von Hameln in German (Rattenfänger translated is literally rat catcher). Since the last couple of episodes borrowed from the Greek Myth of Perseus, it makes sense that they’d stick with the old stories theme and use a Grimm’s Fairytale next.

It’s slightly confusing that in addition to having a current community named Rattenfänger, there was a community in the past named of The Piper of Hamelin. Those guys served a Demon Lord, who in turn summoned a whole mess of other demons, who then all served in a community known as the Grim Grimoire. Yeah. Confusing enough for you? It doesn’t help that they keep saying “a certain community” or “a certain Demon Lord.” Like dude, I don’t know any of this and you’re making it real hard on me. Just let me enjoy your stupid show without thinking too hard, jesus, this isn’t Shin Sekai Yori or Mawaru Penguindrum! Regardless, since the Grim Grimoire was defeated in a gift game, they should have died out along with the Piper of Hamelin community. Since the Piper of Hamelin and Rattenfänger are essetinaly two different names for the same person (the Piper was originally hired to get rid of the rats infesting the town, but when he didn’t receive payment he kidnapped all the children of the village as payback) I wonder if the two communities have anything to do with each other? Hmmmm…./sarcasm sarcasm sarcasm.

With the Rattenfänger community and the Will-O-Wisp communities being the only ones other than Salamandra and the No-names who will participate in the finals, odds are that You’s going to be facing some pretty heavy hitters in the epic battle that I’m sure will be taking place next episode. Just how is the little annoying fairy mixed up in all this? Just who or what are Rattenfänger? Will Asuka be able to figure out how to work her Gift so that she can fight an enemy even more powerful than herself? Is Izayoi (who I’m pretty sure is up to something) going to end up saving the day with his unbeatable powers (probably)? I can’t really say I’m waiting with baited breath, but let’s just say I’m curious to see how this all turns out.

Final Thought: The cat is honestly the best part of the show. He’s just there, cheering on You at the beginning like it’s no big deal that he’s a talking cat giving us a blow-by-blow of the action like some kind of sport announcer.

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