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Robotics; Notes Ep 17 Img 0002After Episode 16’s traumatic and emotional draining episode, we were able to have a breather. Subaru is fortunately alive, but due to his grave wounds he will never be the same again. When they say this, I genuinely hope there isn’t too much psychological problems, such facing a trauma that will influence how he will look at Robots now. And with his critical condition he may never be able to walk again or more. Either way it is very sad, but I am glad that he alive and conscious because I don’t know how I would have been able to cope with two characters dying at the same time. It is sad that Subaru’s father refuses to let any of their club members visit him. But while it is understandable, it is also upsetting.
As expected, the Robotics Club was ordered to be disbanded and to destroy last one of their robots. The order to destroy the robots was especially heartbreaking since the robots themselves are pieces of the past club members’ heart and soul. The accident of course also influence JAXA’s involvement as well as their Sponsor since both were obliged to cut their ties. But despite that, Aki had made her resolve to continue pursuing her hope and dreams of completing GunPro-2.

Robotics; Notes Ep 17 Img 0005Everyone is coping with recent tragedies differently. Jun is shouldering the blame because she feels that she is responsible for the error and forcing the club to disband. Kona was still working and was fixing the auto-balancer since she also felt responsible since she was the one who programmed it. And Yashio is feeling overwhelmed. So when Aki announced that she was going to finish GunPro-2 on her own, Yashio was against it because one, Mizuka had just died due to her Powered Suit acting up, and two: that they built the Gun Pro-2 all together as a group. He however gave her an opportunity to fight for it in Kill-Ballad by treating it as a request. He purposely pushed her buttons to get her to show him how serious she was about it. With that Aki was able to defeat Yashio.
This episode, Yashio went to grab the final report twice. During his first attempt, he was interrupted by Sawada who I don’t trust a single bit. I don’t even like that he had even come all the way down to where they are just to confront Kai and brought up the Kimijima Kou Reports. Thank god Yashio lied and kept it to himself. I would have screamed if he ended up spilling every he knows to Sawada right then and there. Then seconds after that Yashio gets a voice call from Misa warning him to keep the report to himself.
So much of keeping it a secret for one person, let alone the world. Report 7 was not a text file, but actually a trigger to release all the reports through Iru-O around the world.
…Yeah Yashio you better brace yourself. There’s probably going to be particular people after you now.
Robotics; Notes Ep 17 Img 0033Honestly it I wasn’t entirely surprised by the fact the with the result of downloading the last part of Kimijima Reports. It makes sense when you add it all up that these reports were meant to eventually be revealed to the public, however the contents within it is terrifying and traumatic enough to make the world panic. Things are about to get seriously chaotic and messy, so we will see how Kai and the others will cope with this and how this will influence Aki’s motivation to complete the robot, as well as how it will effect their chance of going to the Expo in Tokyo.


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    I liked it how they gave Aki a pink Gunvarrel since it differentiates her with Yashio, who uses a white Gunvarrel.

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