“The goal of the Sasami Watch Project is to support Tsukuyomi Sasami now that she’s finally returned to society.”



When Sasami enters Kamiomi’s room on the end of her first day, she finds a strange DVD and decides to watch it, witnessing a strange series of events surrounding her that she doesn’t ever remember encountering.


Pi369…Wow that was random. I really don’t know quite what to say. The entire world becoming chocolate or a giant virtual dragon assaulting virtual inhabitants is one thing, while this is another matter entirely – I was actually under the assumption that everything would turn out to be some bizarre dream, and Sasami would wake up while still in bed. Anyway, Sasami did end up returning to society, and Tsurugi is willing to back her decision to live like a normal girl despite having Amaterasu’s power – I’m surprised they didn’t show more of Sasami’s school life, especially as both Kamiomi and Tsurugi are teachers at her school while Kagami is her classmate. Well, an episode revolving around Sasami’s first day at school would be pretty standard, and this show is anything but conventional.

Pi370I love how everyone was cheerfully recording Sasami on her first day out in society, managing to get detailed snapshots of everything she was doing – from shopping in a drug store for condoms (at Tsurugi’s request of course) to going into a public bath only to change her clothes. Even while sleeping she was being faithfully recorded by Kamiomi, like the pervert he is – it was hilarious watching her get up in the middle of the night to change the seal that kept her sarcoma dormant. It was a nice role reversal they played out there to have Kamiomi be the one following Sasami around her daily life, just like how Sasami herself viewed her onii-chan’s life through her surveillance tool. The seiyuu event Sasami ended up attending reminded me of that one episode of Oreimo where Kirino joined a bunch of otaku at a Meruru concert, with glowsticks, pink gowns and the rest of it. I definitely didn’t expect them to actually be people from the Tsukuyomi Shrine in disguise, and everything seemed so surreal – it was at this point that I began to have doubts over what was real and what was not, especially with the army unit called in to subjugate Tama’s flying UFO and the baby alien she was trying to protect. The shrine members and Sasami’s father in particular are certainly not ready to give up on Amaterasu and the potential power held within Sasami.

Pi359The fact that “Sasami” doesn’t even remember doing the things she was watching herself do in the DVD did hint that perhaps she wasn’t Sasami at all – and that was easily revealed as Sarcoma realized who she was and tried to gain her independence from Sasami’s body by attacking Tsurugi. While normally Tsurugi’s presented as a perverted loli who’s older than she looks, she can be ruthless when she wants to – taking Amaterasu’s power effortlessly from Sarcoma and changing her into a rabbit. I suppose that’s a sort of freedom too as she’s now no longer sharing a body with Sasami, but I can’t imagine she’d be happy with an animal form either, after inhabiting an arm for so long. Well, at least she sung the ED somewhat properly this week.