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A/N: When you see *blank space* it means I have a spoiler there so if you want to see it, just highlight it.
Holy shit, who else was at the edge of their seats throughout the entire episode? That was intense! And I thought Toma’s route was dangerous, pffth THAT WAS NOTHING COMPARED TO THIS ONE. Who else freaked out when Insane!Ukyou tossed her off the ledge? I certainly did, I was like: “HOLY SHIT HE ACTUALLY DROPPED HER!” Not going to lie I did laugh because the entire scene was epic.

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Now where to begin? Toma or this Death Route and Ukyou?
Toma? Okay.
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The Heroine was able to open the diary with her bobby pin (great thinking!)

As suspected, the diary held the contents that were needed to clear up all the unknown misunderstandings and fill in the details of the Heroine’s relationship with Toma. Turns out that the plan that she was getting help from Ikki had to do with mustering up her courage to confess to Toma. The diary gave us the insight that the heroine (in Toma’s world/route) has always loved Toma, but she doesn’t want to be seen/treated as a little sister, but a woman. Toma has always been there and very protective of her since their childhood, only unfortunately it has transformed into an unhealthy over-protective/possessive relationship.
AMNESIA Ep 10 Img 0004While yes Toma was doing all of this with good intentions in mind (but was doing it HORRIBLY WRONG) and apologized after having seen what is written in the diary and learned that the Heroine (in his route) was in love with him for his actions- I was still like, “WHOA. Dude, 15 seconds ago you were like, ‘If I can’t protect you, I will break and force you’ like come on. What the actual fuck. WHAT THE HELL IS WITH THAT LOGIC? YOU CAN’T PROTECT, SO YOU BREAK? DUDE, CONTRADICTION MUCH?!?!?!” That was another thing that set me off, and that I will hold against Toma because that was stupid thing to think and say. With that said, Toma is definitely not a favorite- I don’t hate him, I don’t dislike him, I feel neutral about him because it really all depends on his actions. But think about it, if the Heroine didn’t have the diary or confess to him things would have probably ended badly and I think that fact alone is what bothers me the most.
[Here’s a recommended Link to read more about Toma’s Character (this includes Game Spoilers of his route) it covers more about Toma’s reasoning and so on- thank you Shika for providing the link]
AMNESIA ep 10 guardianThe Death Route and Ukyou!
The world that the Heroine had fallen into this time is literally the Death Route (aka BAD END). Ukyou is serving as her guardian angel right now because he knows exactly what is going on and when these accidents are going to happen. It is all thanks to him being by the Heroine’s side, following her and giving her the warnings (and her heeding them- ) that she is still alive right now (BUT COME ON YOU SHOULD HAVE JUST TAKEN OFF YOUR BOOT- unless you can’t because of the positioning which would make sense…). This is actually very relieving since some of us, including myself in the beginning thought he might have been a stalker. We also saw an extended bit of the fire, which I continue believe happens at Shinano, Sweet!Ukyou was there at the bottom of the stairwell trying to get to her. At this point, that might be part her true world (the one she, herself actually belongs in), or it is a continuation of being stuck on this Death Route, which isn’t hard to imagine given the circumstances.
Despite the grim circumstances, this episode still made me squeal because Ukyou is that one route I know a tiny bit about *(True End*and I have been looking forward to seeing him in action. While this episode did feel quite rushed, cramming everything in and not really giving us time to adjust to the world change, I felt that it still delivered the intensity and ominous energy of death at the Heroine’s doorstep.
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We still haven’t gotten the explanation on how Ukyou is able to jump along with her to these different worlds, but I am sure that we will quickly get a follow up on that given that he explained to her that they are Lovers. *SOBS* How heart wrenching, jumping along with her throughout all these routes and seeing her with other guys, trying to ensure that she is safe (until his Insane!side takes over). Ah speaking of the devil, there was an implication with “Did he do something again?”“It’s’ the same as that time….This must be my…”  so perhaps he is referring to his insane personality swap/soul/possession/whatever it may be (I’m leaning towards Possession now because we all saw how the train gears moved on its own to speed up), which we have seen only come out at night so far (another reason why he told her to stay in well lit places and densely populated areas).
AMNESIA Ep 10 Img 0039Ukyou is really sweet and adorable. He’s so caring and tries his best to keep his distance from her since he knows that she has no memories of the two of them and he doesn’t want not to scare her. When he took her hands because he is so used to it and she pulled away- my heart broke for him. *SOBS*
Overall it certainly face paced but it still manged to be a strong episode. I am happy to see that everything is coming together and I am certainly looking forward to seeing how the Heroine will escape this world since this is the one she needs to escape ASAP. Oh and last but not least: Ikki brought the Cult over to get them to apologize to the Heroine, but GOD DAMN IT IKKI, JUST TELL THEM TO DISBAND ALREADY, THEY ARE CRAZY.


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  1. Hee7

    This episode was the best of the series so far, no contest. …it doesn’t help that there was a buttload of Orion, rotflmelons. XD
    I ended up reading the spoilers before Ai realized there was going to be an anime, but man… This was better than I could have conceived. Toma’s a bit unhinged, but he’s adorable why he’s sane. I loved the glimpses into their childhood. It was so presh. \(*^ * )/
    I was surprised and confused when Ukyo interrupted what seemed to be a Good Ending to throw her off a building, cackling. Not that it was happening (’cause obvs she was going to reality shift again) but /why/. But… It came to me. Oh, this is gonna be good. I so hope they explain stuff like this, or at least make it clear because ahhhhhhh. 8D
    And when he was like, “This world is trying to kill you,” omggg. It was if all the complaints about how easy it is for her to die just “Ding ding ding”-ed!
    The next episodes are going to be a ride (i guess?!). Amnesia always been interesting to me on an intellectual level, but now it’s getting emotional! Kyun~
    Thanks for the review! And thank you for linking the Toma meta; it was enlightening!

    1. Eva

      Agreee! Definitely hands down, the best episode yet. So good that I am experiencing a lot of feels and have the urge to make graphics, amvs, and rewatch this episode a million times (- in fact I am just about to watch it again). Askldhaksjhdkasjkasdlak Ukyou is so precious, I get so many feels!!! I cannot wait to see the background on “Insane!Ukyou”!
      That’s what I love about AMNESIA, it makes you think! I love shows that make you think, but not too much to the point that your head feels like it’s about to explode!

      1. Hee7

        This must be why Amnesia is both relaxing and exciting to watch – it doesn’t bombard you with facts to memorize, simply hands you a tidbit from time to time in an atmosphere where every detail could be important, and lets your imagination go crazy. It’s refreshing!
        Dang! While I believe Kent was (is?) the most compatible with the Heroine considering they play on similar level of WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO BE DOING, Ukyo is the first guy that she seems to just –connect– to! Respond to? It was weird seeing this episode play out, ’cause it was sub-level stuff. Or maybe I’m perceptive on sub-levels only? Heh. Either way, I dig it.
        I think I’ll probably end up re-watching this show after all’s said and done. I can’t remember the last time I did something like that.
        (is there any good AMV’s or are u making any now i am out of the fandom but would so watch them this very second ””orz)

        1. Eva

          I haven’t really watched any AMVS recently either so I don’t know of any to suggest XD;;; I should though. As for making AMVS it’s been a while, the last one I was working on was a Chihayafuru one but my hands ached even more after that- mainly because of using the mouse (which only increases the pain). I really want to get that one done at some point (if ever XD) and as for making an AMV for this show, I’m scrolling through my playlist right now but nothing comes to mind. I think it’s probably better to wait till the show finishes since there surely will be more juicy footage. XD

          1. Hee7

            Inspiration (and body limits) are so weird, heh. I was once art-blocked for two years, and then in a voice-acted group LP, one of the group accidentally said that one of the characters (implausibly) started to rap instead of stared at a map. And my mind took hold of that and next thing you knew it was 6 hours later and I had a ghost bird (and his gijinka) asking everyone to please rap quietly in the library. It was such a vivid image.
            The mind is mad and bound to cling where it will.

  2. lilgamergal

    I LOVE TOMA~ i know wat he did waas wrong but…i can hate him hes too lyal lol. i love amnesia too tho XD ukyo’s route is gunna b interestin. -practically on the edge of seat-

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