Ogino gets a rare day off, so his family and the gang head to a goat farm to see the animals. They start seeing “Don Valentino” everywhere (both real and fake). Ogino successfully stares down a large Valetino goat with the power of fatherly love, and takes a picture of it with his daughter as a keepsake. In an effort to lead people astray with the promise of magical water, Valentino and Lorenzo convince the Ogino, Hiroshi  and Kei to come into the forest. Unfortunately, Valentino and Lorenzo also get lost, and the problem is resolved when Soumei possess Lorenzo and almost takes his mask off.


Another silly episode, which was a change of pace from all the Yuuta drama last episode. The most prevailing question throughout the show is what Lorenzo’ face looks like under the burlap sack, and the possession by Soumei almost ruins the mystery, ahahaha. As correctly stated by Hiroshi and Kei (while breaking the fourth wall), revealing the face of Lorenzo would ruin the fun of the show. It is getting close to the end of the series, so the mystery will be revealed soon, but it is moments like that make you keep watching.

The trip to the goat farm was a brilliant idea, as it gave some screen time for Stella and Azusa. Ogino is the “good cop” character, but doesn’t mean he doesn’t have his down moments. His fatherly love makes him do a lot of things for his daughter because he wants be best for her, and he attracts the best people to him because of his character. Watching Stella and Azusa was really cute, and Ogino is convinced by his wife to try for a sister for Azusa.


The way that Ogino solved the problem was by sheer force of fatherly will- by commanding the giant goat to “sit.” It’s nice to see a problem that isn’t resolved by a headshot, and the Noa/Don Valentino team-up isn’t so bad.

The latter part of the episode dealt with everyone getting lost in the forest, and I’d have to say, I’m still not entirely sure where Soumei’s loyalties lie. He obviously cares for both of the Inaba brothers, but with his various vessels intentions, it’s hard to say what he will do next.