The Cuticle Detective gang enjoy a quiet episode, as Don Valentino has been caught! Valentino is sent without a trial to a prison for animals, where he encounters a kind young roommate named Akiyoshi. While waiting for his “family” to jailbreak him, he comes close friend with Akiyoshi, only to discover that he is actually a wolf in his “other” form. Akiyoshi remains in the prison to continue the investigation into where Soumei’s body is being kept.


Kei and Hiroshi enjoy a quiet episode for once…but that’s not say it was just as dramatic or insane as usual. I never really liked Valentino, and would have never thought of him as lovable until this episode. He’s definitely not the most clever or strongest, as illustrated by the various other criminals that he’s locked up at the jail for animals (why am I not surprised?). Whereas I tend to think of him as the type that would pick fights with anyone that crosses his path, he is a lot more “quiet” by himself. Maybe it has to do with his family not being around him?

When Valentino is locked up, he becomes roommates with a human, who goes by the name of Akiyoshi. Akiyoshi is the only human in the entire facility, and since the only humans in the entire show that are human and something else at the same time are wolves/dogs, the problem becomes apparent. The guards aren’t even human either….they’re electric kettles (seriously). Anyways, Valentino makes friends with his roommate, as Akiyoshi is a very kind and quiet man. As they wait for the Valentino’s family to jailbreak him, they get really close, even to the point of sleeping in the same bed together. Cuticle Detective Inaba is not afraid of bromances, as we’ve had Kei in bed with a dakimakura Yataro already a couple episodes back.

All hell breaks loose when the rest of the Valentino gang shows up, and once again, the main plot takes a step forward. Akiyoshi is actually a friend of Soumei’s, but the search for Soumei’s body has been unsuccessful so far. The stress from getting sick and breaking out causes Akiyoshi to transform into his wolf form, and Valentino is heartbroken.

Although it seemed like another dumb sidestory at first, I never thought I would ever feel anything for Valentino other than the money-eating antagonist in the show. He’s actually quite kind…he is more the mind of the gang than anything else. Firepower? That’s what Gabriella and Lorenzo are for, obviously.