Dokidoki! Precure Ep 7 Img 0013
The girls find themselves in the Fallen Ruins of Trump Kingdom that is now in control of King Selfish. Davi and Makoto fill in the details on how Trump Kingdom had fallen, and how they are searching for their queen.

Dokidoki! Precure Ep 7 Img 0009After two boring episodes, I am happy to say that Dokidoki! Precure has just gotten interesting again.
There were a lot of things that I loved about this episode. First we got to hear about the back story of what happened to Trump Kingdom and learn about Queen Ange (who was a mighty badass), I take it as she isn’t a Precure warrior herself… or maybe she is in a way because she was able to partially seal the Selfish King (who is in a deep slumber at the moment). I do hope to see her in action in the future (since they need her to seal King Selfish- unless they were to do so themselves), and hopefully grow up if she turns out to be the baby that appears next week. Judging by the looks, I’m pretty sure that’s her.
Dokidoki! Precure Ep 7 Img 0022The second thing was Pell, who by far is the smartest lackey I have seen in a while. Instead of being all arrogant thinking the girls wouldn’t be able to figure a way out, he gets off his ass and goes to do a check up and ensure they have no way of escaping. When we saw him holding the magic mirror I was actually chanting, “BREAK IT! BREAK IT! BREAK IT! DO IT MAN DO IT!” but when he did it was so overwhelming because it was far from a dramatic drop and shattering moment. Either way, KUDOS TO DOING THAT. FOUR FOR YOU SIR, FOUR FOR YOU! On top of that he is pretty strong himself, and instead of using a selfish he fights them head on, which is something that I would like to see more of in the future. Of course he was defeated since it was four against one, but he did hold his ground for a while until the girls figured out how they were going to work properly as a team.
Speaking of lackey’s strength, I was surprised to see that the Selfish King’s Trio were the ones to lead the raid and successfully take over Trump Kingdom. But it makes me a bit curious of whether they are just being plain lazy (while they fight the Precures right now) or are lacking ‘Egogy’ or whether it was because they had the upper hand with the support of their King, ambushed Trump Kingdom and were able to make their army grow rapidly by turning the people of Trump Kingdom into Selfish monsters.
Overall good episode, the quality went back up, the last track from the OST really stood out today and I liked that it wasn’t bubbly or anything. It was fun to see Mana confuse Pell when she started laughing with him and claimed that they will have him bring them back home. Funny enough though there was one piece of tiny shard left from the magic mirror that still worked, so they were able to return on their own.


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