Kotoura-san Episode 8: Manabe's Dilemma

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Kotoura-san Ep 8 Img 0030There’s one thing that we know for sure when Kotoura-san has a Happy-Go-Lucky episode back to back. When I saw the ED taking place so early, that was the warning to tell the audience, “Don’t go anywhere yet, shit is about to hit the fan!” and I was like, “Shit, what’s going to happen?”
Certainly that was the most unexpected turn of events, but it’s also something some of us may have forgotten about when it comes down to the ability of reading one’s mind. This is a balanced show that throws in humor and drama, but a dark twist of a murder taking place- it delivered such a shock to Kotoura that she passed out.
The vision included a female student with short hair, the uniform looks like her own (the girl looks like she is either terrified or going insane) so it could be a student from her school. And we don’t know who is raising the knife/blade. We will learn the rest of the details revolving that matter next week.
Kotoura-san Ep 8 Img 0025Certainly with four episodes remaining this is definitely an unexpected turn of events. I think this is how everything is going to tie up some of the loose ends together. I believe this event will reveal Mifine’s true desperation as her mother was an investigator- a psychic one at that who was later called a fraud and took her own life. Why? Over the course of this week’s episode, we were frequently reminded the reason why Mifune approached Kotoura in the first place. It continued to make me become more wary of her because we know that if Kotoura were to ever lose her ability permanently- that would make her utterly useless to them. If that were ever to happen for a longer period of time or even permanently (which may happen because of the amount of shock Kotoura had just gone through) it would be a painful moment to see whether Mifune will continue to be Kotoura’s friend or cast her aside since she is no longer useful.
I am really started to lean more towards the theory I made last week regarding the fact that Muroto refuses to acknowledge her feelings until she properly lets go of trying so hard to clear her mother’s name and stop creating bonds with a propaganda that will only benefit her. Throughout the series we have seen him question her motives and whether she actually wants to do this. He’s a smart guy, and I know he wants to be there for her but by the look of it he doesn’t agree with the actions she is taking and I am hoping that he will try to draw the line and prevent her from doing something stupid such as telling the cops that Kotoura is a witness (because surely the minute Kotoura shares this to the group, Mifune is going to take this opportunity).
Kotoura-san Ep 8 Img 0001Alright lets look at the more positive and lighter part of the episode!
Poor Kotoura was sick (she’s even more adorable when she is) so she was REALLY out of it. She was nursed back to help It was really cute for most part and while Manabe’s inner perverted switch has been flipping on and off, it was uh… Not too sure how to put it. I guess you could say it was amusing to see how torn he was, but at the same time I was shaking my head going, “BAD MANABE. DON’T GO THERE.” Fortunately he ran out of the door and burned it all off. We don’t know what happened after he agreed to hold Kotoura’s hand (whether he managed to be “good” or ended up fantasizing away) but either way he was beaten to pulp by Moritani.
Kotoura’s and Manabe’s date was really adorable because they were so flustered. When they went into the shop Kotoura wanted to go into he actually pointed out some lovely outfits and I was like, “OH COME ON KOTOURA! TRY ONE ON!!!!” It was such a shame to see that she had fled. But the movies was definitely great since that was the one thing Kotoura wanted to go to the most because she wouldn’t be spoiled by people’s thoughts.
Overall cute, laid back episode for most part but I am definitely looking forward to next week because things are getting intense again! BRING ON THE DRAMA!!!!!!!


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