Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 21: Filling the Remaining Gaps

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 21 -  (21)

“Ah, what a surprising incident! I was the victim, the detective, and the murderer.” – Fuwa Aika


With Hakaze’s encounter with the Mage of Exodus, Fuwa Aika, she happens to learn about the truth concerning the whole Tree of Genesis and Tree of Exodus. And not so long after Hakaze travelled back in time, a huge trunk of the Tree of Genesis emerges on the present giving Evangeline and the others the truth – the same as what Hakaze had learned.

Although it was not on Hakaze’s plan, she decided to stop Aika as she decided to kill herself as well for the sake of both Mahiro and Yoshino’s futures and at the same time, for the Tree of Genesis to be destroyed making it more complicated on Hakaze’s part.


Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 21 -  (6)
I just wanted to put this before my impression because I know everyone does think of the same thing. XD

Thank you for this episode and finally! YOU HAVE ARIVED! An episode which covers what kind of character Fuwa aika is and how weird her train of thought goes. Personally, I find her character to be a bit odd. True that she’s the Mage of Exodus but to the point that she wouldn’t really care what will happen to her just for the sake of her mission as the carrier of will of the Tree of Exodus is just… plain… weird. LOL The way she would appear to be weak is also a mystery. It is not really shown on her physical appearance on how good she can fight (with magic) and how good she is with acrobatic moves while carrying two huge swords in both hands and can still swirl them like they are paper fans. I know. You need at least speed, power and body that is properly exposed to athletic activities to do that and with a lot of practice. And Fuwa Aika can do that and at the same time, complains about entrance exams! She is the Mage of Exodus, alright.

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 21 -  (18)
Why do I see this as something very familiar? LoL
Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 21 -  (17)
She’s actually the kind of person who cares less about her death.

To go on an in-depth explanation of what Aika had delivered to us: it is seemed that the Tree of Genesis is the actual tree which will eat the civilization and not the Tree of Exodus. Simply, the Tree of Exodus has been created to end the mission that was put fort for the Tree of Genesis, if ever it is revived. Although this may have seemed logical concerning the actual state of the world on the present time, I still don’t know why they have to lie about the existence of the Tree of Genesis. Aika did say that one of the reasons why the magic of Genesis requires something in return was because they had to make the Tree of Genesis the one that is in the side of the good. I’m not sure if making the Tree of Genesis as something as good was a good move to begin with and making the Tree of Exodus as something as bad where in fact it is something that will stop a calamity that is yet to come. Also, it would have seen that between the Mage of Genesis and the Mage of Exodus, it is much obvious that the Mage of Exodus will win in terms of source of power. (Hanemura, I sure am thankful that you don’t have the heart that can kill a bug in you since the power you are possessing is something to be scared of.) And for the Tree of Genesis to be destroyed in the present time, Fuwa Aika must be killed at all cost. The solution? Suicide.

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 21 -  (23)
The ultimate question of the whole series. PFFFTTT

Great. Why did my haunches have to be right? I don’t like this. Since it was said by Hakaze before that the main reason why the Tree of Genesis couldn’t locate Aika’s killer since the killer must be the Mage of Exodus had given me the hint that maybe, Fuwa Aika took suicide and, of course, she was the Mage of Exodus. Since Aika is a character who knows quite a lot than normal high school girls, her time, it must have been the logical way for her death. Aika sure is one of a kind of girl. Taking suicide so lightly just like that for the sake of her duty and two guys. But I am relieved that she showed quite a face after knowing that Yoshino cried in front of others. I’m not sure if that was jealousy or just her, being a girl who knows Yoshino best but dead in the future kind of thing but the thought that she cared so much for Yoshino was enough to make me like her a bit. But I was expecting some love-love affections whenever she talks about Yoshino but it ended up like… being the same when she talks about Mahiro. It is like… she’s treating them both the same (excluding the kiss, texts, and secret dates, of course lol).

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 21 -  (20)

Then they would go talking about Hamlet and The Tempest and how they would relate the two novels to the actual happening on their lives. I mean, one can actually base their lives and fate on books? This series is seriously having something. Although I would understand Aika’s case and how sure she is that both Yoshino and Mahiro will understand the situation but still those guys will be hurt, badly. Aika even doesn’t want Yoshino to cry (in front of anybody, at least). She’s rather… a sadist. LOL Losing the person they love and decided on a mission of revenge for the sake of justice and then what? Later found out that that person took suicide? Even I don’t know how I would react to such happening too. And in contrast, Hakaze is not that kind of person who would let such a tragedy to happen. Just… too bad it didn’t go as she had expected it and part of me doesn’t want Hakaze to be Aika’s killer as well.

With this, Hakaze would have all the reason to defeat the Tree of Genesis (IDK how this will happen though, I really have no clue) and will have to bear the responsibility on explaining Aika’s death to Mahiro and Yoshino AND be the witness of this sad story.

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 21 -  (36)
*pats Hakaze*

The fight between Hakaze and Aika was really well done and I kind of enjoyed it and with Aika’s inner thoughts playing too. They contradict too much though. haha But that fight is too one-sided.

Personally, I almost cried. I mean, to think that this series started out just because there was one girl who was killed and there are two guys who are deeply attached to her but the reason for that girls’ death was suicide… after what happened so far, it would sure crumble – the story that is. I am quite excited what will happen on the next episode. The preview sounded fun.

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  1. I think that the swords/spear Aika carries doesnt actually have any weight? Or at least not the weight a real sword or spear would have. And as for her acrobats, she IS using magic to perform them all….as well as to stay in the air/fly. So i dont think an athletic body is necessary for her…since she is only nullifying Hakaze’s magic with her Zetsuen magic and not cutting through material things….besides Aika seems like a dramatic character XD she WOULD use giant sowrds and awesome spears just for the heck of it XD Hanemura in contrast only uses a plain red katana type thing but he isnt that skilled yet anyway lol

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