Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 24 FINAL -  (24)

“This is the end and at the same time, this is the beginning.” – Hanemura


Hanemura is the only one left to battle out the Tree of Genesis face to face and not only that, there’s also no one else around him who can help him. Knowing how great the Tree of Genesis is and how his power compared to it, he lost all hope and was about to welcome death. But who wants to welcome death when there is still a small light of hope?


Before anything else, please let me just say one thing:

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 24 FINAL -  (7)

Seriously. I’ve been traumatized by how Yoshino and Mahiro almost died from an episode before and I was almost raging into everything around me because of what happened and guess what? Episode 23 almost made me want to kill a fucking mouse. Yes, a mouse. Not my laptop’s mouse but a real and living mouse that happened to have trailed itself in front of me while I was changing after I’ve watched the previous episode. LOL

Anyway, it’s ZnT’s last episode and the entire conclusion we are so looking forward to was shown in this episode. To be honest, Zetsuen no Tempest pulled out its ending quite too well. When Robotics; Notes ended, same with Psycho-pass and Amnesia, everything was like… “kill the producers!!!” But in Zetsuen no Tempest, I was like… crying on how good the last episode. It was like… “This is enough. No need for second season.” And maybe along those lines. I seldom feel this in other series.

Although I’d have to say that the Hanemura vs. The Tree of Genesis fight was a little too fast and was seriously just one-sided not until that fucking huge sword appeared in front of him (he’s even just a small dot compared to that sword and even Aika’s dual blades couldn’t be compared to it even though I kind of like the design on Aika’s better) and then do the last attack to kill the giant tree with just a stab. Okay, Tree of Exodus’ logic compasses that of Tree of Genesis which end the legendary tree’s life. I should also mention the Tree of Genesis’ fruits. PINAPPLES!!! No kidding. At least, Hanemura pulled his role quite good and became the unknown hero of the world – erasing the other traces of the Tree of Genesis all over the world and turned all of them into blue butterfly. YES, BUTTERFLY. Can I question about this why? LoL Thankfully the battle ended out with minimal damage as what Mahiro’s plan was all about and it couldn’t have been done without everyone on the field.

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“Butterflies have always been said to carry souls of the dead or to bring bad omens. So what does that make these butterflies? Maybe those who died because of the Tree?” – Mahiro

After the great and final battle, with the Tree of Genesis gone and with the magic of the Kusaribe Clan, all of the characters had gone and went on with their lives as normal human beings. This was also maybe the reason why Jun didn’t really wanted to depend on the Kusaribe Magic because he might have known about its disappearance one day and what is the Tree of Genesis thus, making him unable to take sides during the internal conflict between the Princess and Samon. Well, it doesn’t seem like he do need magic anyway. And can I just say how adorable he was when he was trying to impress Evangeline? LOLOLOLOL That was a total fail.

Should I be happy about Mahiro and Yoshino’s conclusion? I’m quite dissatisfied on how Mahiro turned out to be after all these mess. I mean, come on!!! He could have raged more than he did! XD But the thing is, maybe Mahiro’s feelings towards Aika wasn’t really true love at all. I mean, we could just say it was a family kind of love or the more reason for me to follow Hanemura’s train of thought, “sister complex”. Because if he truly love Aika, he wouldn’t really hold back on Yoshino. ORRR maybe he just seens Yoshino as the perfect guy for Aika. But to think that Aika would have only used Yoshino to make her life interesting was making me mad. To be honest, this made me hate Aika even more. LOL Don’t worry, now I know why I hate Aika so much. Mahiro did say that Aika was the type of girl who acted on a script that someone wrote for her. She thought that her role as the Mage of Exodus was just a role that she had to act upon in reality which made her character too perfect. Did I mention how I hate perfect characters? I think I did before.

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Hanemura gets to see his girlfriend again. Hopefully, this time, she won’t dump him or anything anymore and I do hope all of those training he got from the gang helped him mature a little. XD But I wonder why they didn’t show Hanemura’s girlfriend. Maybe it’s because ZnT had lost all of the inspiration to design another character? XD Not to mention, Hanemura’s character design is so random.

But nonetheless, with that last message of Aika, everything has come to a good conclusion and the same goes with our two main characters’ love story. But to think that Mahiro seriously got an interest into another girl that didn’t have much of screen time. D: How could this be?! But the ending… this episode… was nicely done. I couldn’t really ask for more. And I do kind of agree that in order to change the world, one can only do it via politics. I do think that is Mahiro’s plan. Well, at least after his revenge motive gone, he has now have a new direction in life which is good for him.

And let me just skip everything else and get to the most interesting part.

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It’s okay. Do not hold your laughter. You’re free to laugh.

PS: HAKAZE CANNOT COOK, YOU SAY? Do not fret. Yoshino is a master of it. HAHAHAHA