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Uhhhhh…. Okay. I had mixed feelings about this episode. It was a 50/50, not horrible, but not great either. In comparison to last week’s episode, this was far more focused on the humor. There weren’t any fun fights to watch, instead you will either roll your eyes thinking to yourself, “Oh dear god, they are going down the same old harem route!” or you were able to look past that and enjoy the bits of humor.
DATE A LIVE Ep 2 Img 0006Today Shiro was ordered by his sister to go and have some practice rounds of charming the ladies around his school. Admittedly, it was funny to watch as that both ladies (Tamae and Origami) had accepted his  “confession”. I was completely thrown off to see that Origami said, “Same here” when Shido said the part about sniffing her gym clothes (uh yeah, okay…that is totally not creepy/sarcasm). Perhaps that moment of Origami peeking from behind the pillar in the beginning of last week’s episode was supposed follow up on how she would response to his “confession”. With that said, if she really does have a crush on him, she is going to be furious when she discovers that his job is to go around dating spirits.
DATE A LIVE Ep 2 Img 0014We were able to lean a bit about Tohka today. She told us how her memories are vague and she doesn’t know what she is. She just found herself popping out onto Earth all the sudden. She also didn’t have a name so she asked Shido to give her one. Tohka confused me a bit with her sudden change of character when she started behaving like a flustered tsundere. I suppose this is all part of letting her guard down, but she did manage something on her head (unless she was only scratching it) and then right after that her personality changed. Personally, Tohka’s guarded character appealed to me way more than her tsundere side. I don’t know, it just felt so random and unnecessary- it was like they were trying too hard to make her a ‘fun’ character. *Shrugs* It will grow on me I guess.
DATE A LIVE Ep 2 Img 0020One of the interesting things that happened is that when Tohka appeared to see Shido, there wasn’t a spacequake. She claims that it is because Shido had invited her out. Perhaps this could mean they won’t cause destruction if they are ‘invited’ or ‘welcomed’ by someone? Maybe it reflects inner conflicts/natural defense according to their instincts? However that will probably vary on each individual spirit.
But lets look at the bigger picture and ask ourselves: Why are these spirits like Tohka popping up on Earth in the first place? There has to be a reason behind them popping up all the sudden. Perhaps they have a wish, or are looking for a particular person– it could even possibly be their soul-mate since this whole “Make the Spirit fall in Love with You” strategy exists in the first place. (We’ll see how effective it is over time.) I mentioned this last week, but it’s very obvious that this whole plan of dating the spirits is bound to backfire big time if any of them were to discover the reason behind Shido’s confessions.
DATE A LIVE Ep 2 Img 0016Shido, Shido, Shido… I am glad that you eventually decided to go with his own lines because that was a stupid move on his part to go with the option: “To make love with you!”. Like come on Shiro, use your common sense here. The crew member’s ‘quality’ experiences just screams unreliable feedback! I mean they had a stalker, a guy who was married and divorced five times (aka single all over again), an incubus, a girl who curses every rival to her love with a voodoo and the man with a hundred waifu. Yeah, they sound like RELIABLE PEOPLE TO GET ADVICE FROM. To make it even more ridiculous they are treating it as a game by using the analyzer to judge which of the three options would be best to respond with. /FACEPALM (THE IRONIC PART IS THAT EVEN THEIR MONITOR IS SHAPED AS A PSP)
I liked Shido a bit last week, but not so much this week. He turned into another one of those flat male protagonists in harems. I hope he proves me wrong, there are still plenty of episodes to ‘develop’ as long as they stick to the plot track instead of derailing into the ditch of fanservice…


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