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DATE A LIVE Ep 3 Img 0018…. What the bloody hell just happen?
This episode was ridiculous. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Like, what- I can’t, HOW?  How the hell did Shido get revived? Is there something special about him, or does it have to do with Tohka’s power. I hate it when these things happen without any sort of hint of explanation. They better explain it within the next few episodes. And don’t even get me started on the kiss that disarmed Tohka and dealt with her Halvanhelev that was going out of control. That aside, four for Shido for catching Origami’s attack and taking the hit in Tohka’s stead.
Kotori is doing a good job confusing me because one minute she’s saying that the only other way to deal with Spirits is to make them fall in love, and then next suggesting that despite that mission going on- they still plan to kill them at some point. Speaking of which, was it her who gave the order to snipe Tohka? Like- what was the point of that? I don’t even… Was it just a stupid plot-device moment to show that Shido can be revived? God I hope not.
I don’t know about you, but I found the entire “date” was not only stupid, but boring and so over the top. I almost headesk’d when they were taking the bread plush in the crane game so seriously (like their lives depended on it- oh wait it does). The whole thing with Shido’s sister and her crew keeping an eye on them, preparing events and giveaways for their date wasn’t that bad because it was to be expected.
DATE A LIVE Ep 3 Img 0002Tohka surprisingly hasn’t grown on me by the slightest this episode. Ever since she cast aside her guarded personality, she has failed to appeal to me- and I bet you it’s because she became so “Moe”.  Honestly, the only thing that I adore about her right now is how much she loves food (like who needs romance when she is satisfied with food alone?). Ah well, I suppose it will take a few more episodes before she grows on me (if she ever…). It doesn’t help that Shido has fallen into those lame flat stereotypes traps. I always try to be optimistic at first, but ughhhh- it’s really hard to keep it up when Shido has been so FLAT. I don’t feel anything from him. I can’t even tell whether he genuinely likes Tohka- I think, no I AM PRETTY DAMN SURE he does, but even if that’s the case- it has failed to deliver that to me.
DATE A LIVE Ep 3 Img 0019Origami on the other hand, I am curious to see how she is going to behave from here on out since she is in a state of shock after having shot Shido. I highly doubt that she is going to cast aside her desire for vengeance against the spirits for having been responsible for her parents’ deaths anytime soon, but I am looking forward to seeing her gradual transition on how she feels about the Spirits.
I think I can tolerate covering this show as long as they don’t repeat this bullshit-date episode again. If this were to become routine then I’m just going to walk away because it would be a waste of my time, nor would I enjoy covering something like that. Come on DATE A LIVE, show me that you can give me serious developments!
Next week, a  new spirit is coming to town so we ought to get some good action again (PLEASEEEEEE).

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  1. well, I know the episode was really weird and confusing.. but I guess it was kinda funny at the beginning in their date..
    and somehow it felt like the last episode, as he dies, wake up again, and then kiss.. what may possibly happen at the next episodes..?

    1. I’m sure it does. TTwTT It’s a pity the anime couldn’t explain it well, hopefully it will be cleared up in the future.

  2. You seem confused about something. Kotori does not appear to be part of the same organization that Origami works for. That seemed pretty obvious to me already, given their radically different approaches to the Spirits, but perhaps it needs to be stated. Kotori has no authority over the AST, has no connection to Origami’s attempts to kill Tohka, and any interference she can manage is quite likely illegal, on top of all that.
    Second, I don’t know what the translations you watched said, but the only time Kotori even mentioned killing spirits in this episode was after Tohka went on a rampage and Kotori said “we can’t afford to kill our princess just yet.” That doesn’t mean “we’re going to kill her later,” that means “we need her for something, but if someone doesn’t stop her we might HAVE to kill her to stop her from destroying the world, so we’d better fix this quickly.”
    Third, Shido getting revived is SUPPOSED to be a mystery. You’ll note NO ONE except Kotori expected it to happen, not Tohka, not Origami, not even Kotori’s command staff. Only Kotori knew that it would happen. There is obviously something special about him, but we aren’t supposed to know what yet, because it’s probably plot-related. They aren’t going to give you all the answers right away.

    1. Yeah that’s one thing that I haven’t been able to completely grasp whether they are from the same organization. You’re right about the obvious signs with their different approaches, but it would be great if they can clarify it. I had the same line “We can’t afford to kill our princess just yet.” I suppose it is all up to interpretations and given circumstances (especially if Kotori were to be connected with them), but I do agree on your point as well.
      LOL I know they aren’t going to give me answers right away (otherwise it wouldn’t be interesting right?), all I hope is that everything has a solid meaning and isn’t just on the whim (these kinds of things do happen- and it’s annoying as hell), and when they DO explain it, it better be explained well because as John pointed out, the LN did a better job explaining what was going on within this episode.

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