Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 75: Gon’s Best Friend

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 75 -  (26)

“Naturally, I’ll introduce him to Killua. My best friend in the world!” – Gon


The quiz contest has begun and all of the players of Greed Island are enthusiastic about winning the final card for money. After the 100 questions had been deployed, Gon won the contest scoring 87 out of 100 thus making his obtain the last card to clear the game. But there’s no room for celebration. After getting all 100 cards at once, Gon was chased out by players.

Well, at least, Gon still won the game and was able to get to where his father is.


Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 75 -  (33)

As expected, Gon and Killua would always think of the game as a game. XD Well, too bad that they didn’t really show in which items Gon had gotten the wrong answer. I was really curious about it, the least. And how can anyone forget the #0’s card name when it was announced during the initiation of the quiz contest? I guess there are just some people who forget easily especially if they are that excited about the said contest. LOL But… Killua?! D: I thought you’re sharper than that, Killu? OTL Well, at least, Gon is someone who sees things in a different view and gets to finish the quiz no sweat and even be the winner for the contest. As expected of our hero, I guess. XD It is one of Gon’s qualities that he never missing a spot whenever he’s on his journey. A very keen person, indeed. And before anything else…

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 75 -  (11)

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 75 -  (19)Even though Gon was told that Ging might not be on Greed Island, there is still no helping on a little hoping to see his father. I mean, I can did hope to see Ging too. After all, Gon enjoyed his father’s game as what he did told him from the start. He also had become a better hunter after the short while training inside the game as well. Not to mention that the game’s initial purpose had already met its end – to train the game maker’s son into a strong hunter in the future – this ended quite well. I wonder if Ging also expected Gon to be the first one to clear the game he made. I think he did – duh, he even prepared a foreword for his son when he beats the game. List even explained the origin of the game’s name which was formed by scrambling the first letters of the game’s creators and resulted to “Greed Island”. (No, I will not explain and say who is on each letter. LOL) Seriously, though, Dwun is such a pushy kind of man and at first, I thought List was… err…. Sorry but… a shota. LOL And… ugh, can I skip how annoying Dwun is especially when he wants to correct his name? Well, obviously everyone would think that the first letter in his name would be a “D”. D: If he could have written his name first when he introduces himself, it could have given him less effort to push the spelling of his name into everyone he meets. XD

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 75 -  (20)
I just wanna say how cool Ging is in this shot. That is all.

Beating Greed Island resulted for Gon to select three cards from his restricted slots which he can bring with him outside the game and use it on his daily lives. So selecting only three cards will be something hard to do while Bisky had already picked what she wanted and the other two cards were Patch of Shore and Paladin’s Necklace – picked by Gon and Killua. Well, that’s what the cards look like anyway but then they really wanted to get an Accompany Card in the first place to see Ging themselves based on Gon’s deductions. They even had a small festival for the event with a cargo run throughout the capital city. And… well, it’s a happy event. Does this mean after this grand event, Greed Island will reset back at phase 0 for another round of players to beat the game? I sure think I recalled something like that though. ALL HAIL GON’S CONFESSIONS!!!!!!!!!! THEY ARE ALWAYS HAVE BEEN MY FAVORITE.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 75 -  (32)

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 75 -  (31)MY TEARRSSSS WHY DO THEY HAVE TO UGH, FILL MY EYES?! You know, no matter how many times you’ve watched Greed Island Arc; it never really fails to touch my heart. This father and Son relationship is just… too good to be true. There are actually fathers in real life who had abandoned their children for the sake of their safety but Ging… he… cries Excuse me, I really can’t find the right words to describe what kind of a father Ging is. He did everything for the sake of his son. He loves Gon. Everything is… ugh, fatherly love – this fatherly love is so precious and GON X KILLUA FRIENDSHIP IS SOMETHING YOU COULDN’T GET THAT EASILY NOWADAYS WITH THE WORLD BEING TAINTED. OMGEEEDDD. <333

Next episode: Let’s do this!

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