Karneval Episode 4 -  (19)

“If I touch this light, I wonder if I would cry because of its warmth.” – Karoku


The team continued their investigation regarding Nai’s origins after Gareki being saved by Iva. Eventually, after getting enough of the investigation and a good lunch, Nai’s party – together with Gareki and Yogi – decided to stop by at Gareki’s hometown first for him to check on things. There, yet another mystery enters the scene and… of course, more trouble!


Karneval Episode 4 -  (10)Oh my. I get to see Iva in this episode and her dazzling ability to attack using diamonds. I am not really sure how she produces that amount of diamonds (meh, I don’t even have to know since this show includes special powers) but she sure is one of those characters to be liked about. Wait, isn’t everyone in Circus supposed to be liked anyway? I believe, at the moment, there is no character in Circus that I do not like in particular. And to think that Iva, as a lovely lady, a very gorgeous and a model for all lady out there would also be a really cute and weird lady in her own beautiful way. I mean, her, treating Yogi like a kicking bag sure was something unexpected based on her appearance. Let’s just say, she’s one of the recipient of the saying “Do not judge the book by its cover”. Plus points for her as well since she can carry Gareki. HAHA And to also see more side of Yogi and his cuteness is just… unbearably cute (this show just gave me more reason to ship my BL favorites – this should stop).

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It seems for Nai, returning to his homeland gives him more visions of Karoku. It could be his longing towards his friend or Karoku’s doing something fishy for Nai to receive these images on purpose. Based on Nai’s flashbacks where Karoku is concerned, it is seem he’s a nice person and is really deeply attached to Nai as much as Nai is attached to him. It can be in a pet-ly manner of could be on another level thus making them close friends. Karoku, perhaps, treated Nai as a human as the way his appearance looks like but if what the old doctor said was true and can be proven scientifically, it could be that Nai is an experimented version of the Nijis and is what Karoku trying to protect by leaving him behind. You know, the usual “he’s safe if he’s away from me” type of reasons.

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Karneval Episode 4 -  (23)Erisyuka, Palnedo’s granddaughter, who happens to have this weird attraction towards Karoku who I might want to say she have the potential to be a yandere type of character. You know the popular type of girl this season – which is willing to kill anyone who’s in the way of her love. Apparently, she mistook Karoku’s interest towards Gareki. And it is seemed that no matter how uninvolved Erisyuka in the situation wherein Karoku is involved, because of her liking towards the guy, Uro takes advantage of her feelings and make use of the girl for his plans (which we are about to learn later on, I guess). I feel sorry for the girl but if she ends up being a hateful character, I don’t mind tossing all of my anger towards her. Someone to hate in this show is necessary or I’ll end up liking everyone instead.

It looks like lunch is an enjoyable time in Circus – especially if there are a lot of them in one circle. A good lunch with a bunch of people after a Varuga chase and a quick investigation around Nai’s previous home. Nai’s party found a notebook hidden behind a rock inside the cave’s wall; although it couldn’t be understand for it uses a different language. But it might hold something deeper and let us just ignore it for a while and discuss about how cute Nai and Gareki is when they are together especially if Nai’s persistency is on and if Gareki’s imagination is running wild whenever Nai attaches himself to him. AND HOW THAT CUTE THING IS SOOOO ATTACHED TO ARAKI. HAHAHAHAH

Karneval Episode 4 -  (42)Gareki decided to stop by from his hometown after they left Niji Forest. Gareki even demonstrated his unique shooting skills – wait, please tell me that was a mistake in animation and he didn’t just hit that bracelet while shooting the gun without even stopping for a sight. He ended up getting all of the prizes too. It is seems Gareki went to a stop for a reason and that reason is Tsubame – a friend of his who just confessed she killed a man that turned out to be a lot of men. Anyway, since we get to know more about the people surrounding Gareki during his days with his hometown, this was a rather appealing episode. One can say that Gareki was lucky enough to avoid those food with drugs. It is seems that Tsubame had taken the same drug that had driven her go crazy and kill. Same goes for Yotaka, Tsubame’s twin. We also get to know more characters that are involved with Gareki’s past. Tsubaki, who saved him from being a washed away kid, is another aside from the twins. And I just wanted to say that…

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To be honest, I do not know what to feel about Tsubaki. I mean, I’m not sure how to classify her. Stupid or she’s just plainly ignoring the other facts just to keep her siblings alive until to the point where her life will be in danger. I am also not sure about Gareki’s age that time since he actually thinks too mature than his age. Due to his experience, can be.

Karneval Episode 4 -  (53)
And, surprise! More trouble ahead.

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  1. raneem

    Yogi is really hilarious in this episode, although the serious situation they are in.. while Nai is just simple, telling Gareki that killing is a bad thing..

    1. Linzz

      I really like it. Once it’ll be serious and then the next will be super funny. I wonder if I’ll be able to keep track with the story in this situation. XD

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