Majestic Prince Episode 2: The Majestic Princes

Majestic Prince Episode 2 -  (27)

“If it is their fate to fight, I want them to fight majestically.”


After the success of their first mission, the MLP and the Team Rabbits had been busy dealing with interviews and conferences then received another mission to reform a satellite for the Undina Base. There, appeared four units – with source and data unknown – which deliberately tried to shoot them while on the mission and purposely missed – as a warning for a future battle for them to face and for the time they will go in contact once again.


I’m actually laughing because this is the first time in a mecha anime that I seriously prefer watching the machines fight each other on outer space rather than watch the characters, themselves, work on their scenes. XD But, setting that crappy character animation aside, everything that happened in this episode is really interesting. By the way, MJP = My Little Pony? BRB, laughing

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I just wanted to say that this girl reminds me of this typical girl: pink hair, purple eyes…

Soooo… after that super duper cliche moment on saving the Undina Base, Team Rabbits gotten themselves merits from it. Considering how low their performance during simulations, I can’t believe that they did save that base. LOL You see, characters that doesn’t do well on simulations but can do better in actual action are already too common. You know, the I-must-save-everyone syndrome is like… found in almost any action anime you get to see and that is something you can see in this show as well with only a little difference – here, in Majestic Prince, they are a team. Although in contrast to everything, as far as I can recall from episode one, Team Rabbits’ ASHMBs are new ones, right? So that means, they have a more advanced counter towards their enemy. Then in this episode, it was mentioned that it was their first victory?! No, seriously?! So all they have been doing before these five appeared with advanced suits were just running away from enemies and let them destroy their homeland? Wow. How terrible. And how lucky for these five to be the first one to actually fight against those groups of enemies (seriously, I don’t know how they call it). One could also say it was a fluke, though. Sudden adrenalin rush of the pilots? LOL

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Excuse me but does this guy ALWAYS carries his sketchbook with him?! D8

Because of this success, MJP had been on a busy schedule. The members of Team Rabbits are also busy with interviews and conferences. The questions were normal, I guess. I mean, after seeing those advanced suits and be able to attain the first victory with children on board (not to mention these children failed a lot of time during simulations), they would be more curious on their units and about MJP’s aim with what they have. But the tension suddenly went down after our five heroes made their… erm… well… fail speeches? HAHA Their personalities surely are amazing and that’s what making this show interesting. I was seriously laughing throughout that conference. But you know, even though these guys were totally careless, sucks and are fucking funny in some weird ways they could be, being able to save those civilians that the force decided to ditch was something. I mean, there’s really a huge risk on that decision and they still went for it – cliche but for children, five children, that kind of decision is really cool, IMO. And at the same time, they deserve those many thanks from the people they have saved.

Majestic Prince Episode 2 -  (12)
Don’t you dare call her “manager”, fags.

I totally vote for the “Majestic Princes” title more than the “Team Rabbits” one; although the later seriously suits the five of them. XD

So those advanced suits not only are good for combat in the future but has a more in-depth situation which includes the JURIA SYSTEM. This system sure is a genius and to be more precise, using a human’s surviving instinct is actually 200% more effective on combat. Just like the Coordinator’s “Seed” from Gundam Seed – that uses one’s surviving instinct to boost one’s ability. Also, another example would be, when you are chased by a ferocious dog, you’ll run faster than you had ever been before. These suits can also operate by themselves if the pilot aims to but also, this could be fatal if ever the JURIA SYSTEM will go haywire and disobey commands from the base and will endanger the pilot’s (or everyone if circumstances gets worse) lives if the pilots really does wish for a victory – even though it will be 0% possible. Even if no matter how perfect or cool or good this system is, they might go a chance that the efficiency of this system will backfire to the pilots and for worse – to the people. And I can’t believe they only told the five pilots about these crucial points concerning the system AFTER letting them dive into battle with no knowledge at all and ask them to tame their own units’ survival instincts?! OMEGED.

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*coughs* boobs *coughs*

Again, I would like to point out how time-consuming these ASHMB units take off. No wonder they do need a lot of financial assistance and went as far as accept sponsor offers and… well… make their ASHMB units look uncool. LOL I PERSONALLY LIKED THEIR DESIGNS IN THE FIRST PLACE. HOW COULD THEY?! Well, not that it was really that important anyway since the main attention of this episode is the newly appeared enemies with better suits and better movements with their units and one called a PRINCE?! Crazy. This show is crazy but is also good in a good way. But those units became the main reason why they failed on their first task after saving Undina Base.

Majestic Prince Episode 2 -  (26)
Seriously, I’ve seen enough Lacus Clyne-look-a-like.

Also, how I love their battle scenes. It’s not fast paced as I expected to be and doesn’t really switch scenes every now and then. And camera angles usually dong tilts here and there so I was really fine with it and enjoyed it at the same time. Plus, I am getting used to their character animation and began to keep track with the story as well.

PS: MJP’s base is soooo full of blue stuff. Look at all those screenshots! D8

PSS: Please wave to your fans when you’re doing something cool.

4 thoughts on “Majestic Prince Episode 2: The Majestic Princes

  1. I’ll pull back my words about my blind guess. It was obviously incorrect.

    But yeah, I laughed pretty hard this episode too, especially at the conference. The boyfriend application was just too LOL.

    1. Good thing they decided to show those video comments. Those were the awesome key to this show’s comedy side. Man, I’m loving their gunner so much because of that especially when he answered a specific question.

  2. Well I’d definitely it props for being a much better episode. I enjoyed it a lot more. Since I know now that it’s 24 episodes, it’s clear there ‘s going to be a slow start, and a gradual build up. The enemies are bound to attack seriously now especially since they know they are up against “weaklings”. I am also relieved to see that animation quality improved, big time.
    Except alot of characters are missing the tip of their nose XD

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