Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san. Z Episode 2: Moosan’s Second Demise



Akutabe kicks everyone of the room for a nap, leaving him alone with the Moosan plushie. Moosan attempts to attack Akutabe in his sleep, but is backhanded into punching himself in the face. Moosan attempts to escape by jumping into the pile of Moosan plushies that are about to be shipped out, but is supposedly killed by Akutabe. Azazel gets the idea to dress up as one of the Moosan plushies in order to get into an unsuspecting girl’s house, but is exploded by Akutabe. The guts and gore landing on the plushies means that the plushies can’t be shipped, but they find the real Moo-san body (which is greyed out in colour), and ship him out. Akutabe reveals that demons that are not bound by a grimoire are also not protected by any rules.


Akutabe is the focus of this episode! As much as I like the antics of the demons, I still like Akutabe best, and this is probably the first time in recent memory that I’ve seen him this crazy. As if the crazy eye wasn’t enough to give it away…

Moosan makes the worst friends- Azazel and Beelzebub clearly didn’t mention to him the dangers of going after Akutabe, and from the looks of it, his power from the demon realm didn’t translate very well over, and only real advantage is the ability to move “unknown” without control via a grimoire. The ending of the episode mirrors the dramatic(?) loss of the original Moosan in season one, and if I learned anything from this this show, suffering is funny (only in this context).

The exploding bodies is probably one of the ways that this episode was the last one, and they really didn’t cut back on the violence humour. Where I can’t stand most shows with this kind of violence as the jokes, I actually don’t mind this show doing it. I like enjoy the characters and their stupidity, but in a way, this isn’t much of a “thinking” show. You go along for the ride, laugh a lot for 30 minutes, and then go back to your normal life.

Opening: very much like season one’s with highlighting of the characters and demons. The music or animation doesn’t stand out too much.

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  1. Well, maybe it is because you know they didn’t really die when they get all gory and stuff, while in other anime/games you know someone is dead having their guts pulled out. It kinda feels like bugs bunny gore version.

    Well, I think Moosan still had superhuman strength even in chibi form (look at dat muscle lol), it is just that Akutabe is MUCH MUCH MUCH stronger that’s all.

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