Kotaro has hemorroids, so Rinko, Azazel and Beezlebub take him to the hospital. At the hospital, they hear that a lot of the anal doctors have recently quit, and the only ones left include the transvestite doctor at that hospital, who is also known as “Queen of the Piles.” When Kotaro gets a roommate, he discovers that the new patient is someone that defuses bombs, and refuses to have his butt treated. He has an attack that causes blood to explode out of his behind, and they take him into the emergency to be operated on. Kotaro notices that while the man is being wheeled away that there is a demon with him.


Out of all the topics, it had to be exploding anal holes. On that note, I have decided that Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san has crossed some kind of disturbing line. Last season’s microwaving poop in the microwave was fine by me, but this puts everything wayyyy over the top. I don’t particularly care for Kotaro (Akutabe, where are yoouuuuu D:), and I kind of like Rinko, but Kotaro is just some kid. The gang takes the grimoire from Kotaro in case he decided to mess around with the other patients and staff, and this may prove to be a time that they should have left it with him.

Kotaro is probably your stereotypical kid, as he plays a DS in bed and ignores the old man in the next bed. I haven’t been to a hospital, but I wouldn’t look over to the guy with the bloody butt either. Why that shade of red @__@ And why is this so much more disturbing that usual…

I’m dropping this show as of now. * huddles in a corner under a cloud of gloom *