Yuyushiki Episode 1: Cute Girls Doing Cute Things [First Impression]

“Mochi really gets you motivated!” 
“Ah! Mochi…vated…” 



“Doctor, we’ve had a sudden increase of patients in A&E claiming to have contracted diabetes.”
“Send them home. Yuyushiki aired today, after all.”

Sometimes you find fun in the most unlikely locations. This is one of those times. I’m very well aware that I’m gravitating towards all the slice-of-life shows this season, but hey, they’re a good outlet for real-life pressures – and I’ve been wading through quite a lot of that recently. Every season, I do try and pick up a show with “cute girls doing cute things” – recent examples being Yama no Susume from Winter, and Girls und Panzer from Fall. Spring’s choice was Yuyushiki, and damn. That was some adorable shit right there.

P246Surprisingly, this wasn’t one of those 3 minute shows – its synopsis definitely does suggest that. Three girls – Yui, Yuzuko and Yukari meet up on their first day of high school, and eventually they join a data processing club. That’s uh…pretty much it, I’ll have to admit. I was completely fine with that though – the show more than made up for its lack of plot with its various skits. I didn’t think they’d be that funny, but I actually got a lot of laughs out of it xD These skits are all so random – from Yuzuko learning about shop entrance sensors the hard way (“Onee-san, are you a scientist?”) to those evident yuri vibes when Yuzuko tried to make Yui lick sauce off her face (“LICK IT! LICK IT OFF!”) Or that skit halfway when both Yukari and Yuzuko started playing with Yui’s hair, or clapped to make her jump. Oh oh, you can’t forget the S&M test, either! Actually, most of these involve pissing off Yui somehow, who keeps her no-nonsense attitude yet is happy at their skinship deep down xD She’s pretty cool 😀

P265They’re taking it slow with introducing the Data Processing Club, which I don’t really mind at all. The girls realize that there aren’t any current members from the club’s flyer (why would you even get attracted to a flyer that plain?) and end up asking if they can look inside. I loved the small details here – there was almost a bit of suspense entering the club room for the first time, and it was tactful of Yuzuko to not cheerfully yank the door open as you’d expect her to xD And instead of a white, bright room lined with row after row of computers (that I imagined), it turned out to be a small, cozy room, which really added to the whole fluffy, heart-warming feeling of the show.

At the end of the day, it’s exactly what you expect it to be; it’s a show about a group of girls doing something fun in a club. The art style was pretty striking at first, but it didn’t really bother me after a while. It’s not going to make a drastic difference after all – and after Aku no Hana last week, I don’t think I’m ready to criticise any show for a lack of animation quality or art. As for blogging it…maybe. With short comedy skits like these, I don’t know how feasible it is to blog this on a weekly basis – I’ll have to see how things go next week. But then again, as Yui-chan said, “These guys are too cute to be real!” I agree Yui-chan. I agree.

Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed
Possibility of Blogging: Moderate

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