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This episode especially was very precious. Yoshino our dear Hermit Spirit is so precious and adorable. Her brief, light kiss to seal her powers with Shido was really sweet. I especially loved how delicately Shido approached the subject knowing it’s not right to aburtly kiss a girl, especially one like Yoshino who earlier didn’t even know what a kiss was in the first place.
DATE A LIVE Ep 5 Img 0007Yoshino is such a cutie, she really is, I just want to hug her! And I love her outfit I think it would be a lot of fun to cosplay as. Perhaps I’ll do that next year if it’s affordable! Yoshino is a very quiet girl who doesn’t scary things or getting hurt, nor does she wants to hurt others because she thinks that those she is forced to fight against experiences the same feelings. A good example of her taking caution of hurting or killing others is like when she had Angel freeze the AST’s barriers. Angel probably could have wiped them out if Yoshino really wanted to. DATE A LIVE Ep 5 Img 0006Another special thing about Yoshino is that Yoshinon (the puppet) is her hero, her ideal- he is who she aspires to be. The only thing I can’t help but question is how much or badly does Yoshinon influence Yoshino to make her so dangerous like we had briefly seen last week? I feel like that was more of Yoshinon’s darker personality than Yoshino herself. Yoshinon considers them one and the same… or something like that while we heard straight out from Yoshino that the two of them are separate and that Yoshino is her friend.
I am sincerely relieved that Shido is growing on me again. This episode reminded me why I began to like him in the first place. I think one of the highlights about Shido’s character is that his kindness isn’t like… silly or annoying, it’s genuine without degrading the girls as being unable to protect themselves or feeling ‘obliged as a man’s duty’ to protect them unlike SOMEONE ELSE I KNOW coughfatestaynightshiroucough.
DATE A LIVE Ep 5 Img 0010Tohka today dealt with the new wave of emotions that she has never experienced before due to Shido spending time with another girl that was fueling jealousy and making her uneasy. She ran into another set of misunderstandings on her part, but she managed to overcome it and trust Shido again. I just hope this doesn’t become too much of a repetition dilemma because I already can’t stand Tohka’s character as she is- sorry I just don’t like her.
DATE A LIVE Ep 5 Img 0013Origami now… she is seriously a strange one. She is one of those characters that turn out to be quite unpredictable and is relatively difficult to grasp (not to mention makes poisonous tea and apparently likes puppets since she picked up Yoshinon). It was quite random to see her in a maid outfit. I can’t tell whether this is supposed to be for Fanservice Segment A or it’s what she wears when she’s in the house or cleaning (although I have to admit the outfit is cute) and then for Fanservice Segment B is when Origami boldly steps out after having a show covering herself up solely with a towel before questioning about why he is alive in the first place.
DATE A LIVE Ep 5 Img 0032Which bring me to the next point about the revelation of the Spirit Force.
So we finally got our source of how and what allows Shido to be revived and healed quickly. Now we don’t know all of the exact details (the origin, how come he has it in the first place, is he born with it etc…), but this is the start I’ve been waiting for, and I am definitely intrigued about why Kotori wanted to keep it from Shido in the first place (besides the fact that he would take advantage of this power and be a bit reckless/take risks). Another interesting thing that she pointed out is that the Spirit Force is something that could make him a dangerous presence to the Spirit since they may attempt to destroy him on the spot.
You know what is funny? For most part I could care less about this show, but as soon as I watch the episode and come down to writing about it I enjoy it. Ahhh but unfortunately for me, it looks like next week will be one of those obligatory hot-springs fan service episode. I’ll pull through since I know there is more to come, especially for that cray cray looking red spirit we have seen in the OP. I hope that shit will hit the fan when that happens.


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