Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 78 -  (36)

“So I won’t run away. That’s what I have decided.” – Gon


The Chimera Ant’s army is growing fast and has gathered information concerning humans as well while at the same time, the Queen Ant is now ready to give birth to her King. Gon and the others had prepared themselves to go in a country where technology is prohibited in order to track down the Queen Ant.


Well, shit. LOL I’d be like… happier if this war is gonna be like… World War III but then it’s gonna be humans – okay, Hunters against advanced chimera ants. HAHA So these chimera ants will treat humans as if ants if they will start growing more than two meters long. Wow! That is like… the food chain has been turned over. I still think that whenever the Queen Ant speaks to her army without moving her mouth is weird. LOL Even though I know it’s something like telepathy. And I just noticed that Kite’s been the one narrating all along? The narrator and Kite has the same voice, right? Or is this some audio tricks, playing in my head again?

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 78 -  (10)Wow – man, just… wow. HxH has this one country which only enforces nature to be the primary source of living and executes anyone who dares to carry any technological items with them or even introduce the thought to another. If only in real life, there’s a country like that too. But I did hear some resorts that don’t use technology in running their business and only uses horses with carriages for transportation only or you walk the miles. It would be nice to really go on a vacation to that place (although I forgot which resort/place was it). Still this doesn’t change the fact that humans need technology to live now that they are exposed to it. I wonder what entered NGL’s superiorities’ minds by giving out such law for their country. Plus a country like that is so nice to be in it aside from those nasty rumors that are going around. I can say that the distributors’ King of those drugs is into something.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 78 -  (30)
And I don’t like being told that books are wonderful by some insect either.

HAH! Even the Chimera Ants have internal conflicts. This happens if you set up an army with too much difference in skills and confidence. You know, this episode shown a really great deal concerning the side of the child-parent relationship (well, it’s not like it didn’t before because we all know Gon and Ging obviously lets out that deal as well but…) also it seems that chances of those chimera ants to retain the human’s memory was shown. Plus, they even have information broker concerning about weapons which human uses to go against them and making sure they are knowledgeable about their enemy. Quite a good army you got there, Queen Ant.

“They speak their minds and request to use these names. While bettering the race, they compete for glory, leading to a stronger sense of individuality. I suppose I am also peculiar to find this change fascinating. Perhaps I, too, have traces of human blood within me.” – Queen Ant

You know what? This phrase from the Queen Ant reminded me of How Humans Are Different Article I’ve read back on my High School, Science Class. The statement above clearly explains how humans differ from animals and why humans are treated to be special specie against other specie – which is thousands or even millions of them.

Yay! We get to see some familiar faces from the Hunter Exam Arc! Well, isn’t that refreshing? I’m quite happy to see some old faces rather than seeing new ones with pretty much imbalanced character designs in compare to the main characters. LOL

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 78 -  (23)

All in all, this episode doesn’t seem to have much to discuss except it was a very informative episodes especially regarding the NGL and the D2 drugs. Apart from those, I believe the rest is best to be watched. XD