Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 80 -  (34)

“NGL and Chimera Ants – the worst combination imaginable.” – Kite


Pokkle’s party decided to seek help outside NGL but before they could even make their move, they were attacked by Chimera Ants which forced the party to dissolve with dead members leaving Pokkle behind – who’s going to be fed to the Chimera Ant Queen.

Luckily, a message reached Kite and the others that was sent by Ponzu before her death and initiated the movement for the three heroes. This time, putting the possibility on their head that the NGL might have been Chimera Ant Food and the offspring will be chaos.


Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 80 -  (3)
I bet Madhouse became lazy with this episode.

We get to meet the “King” from the NGL – the leader of those D2 drug pushers. His name is Gyro and as every bad guy have, he has a past that changed him and turned him to who he is today. But for him, he had quite a tough early life. His father was actually the main reason. I mean, dude! How can you stand peeing only twice a day and never get to leave your bed if you’re home all day? I am relieved he didn’t have that illness that’s gotten out of sitting for long hours. I forgot the name but I know there’s something like that and it is life threatening. Sleep with no motion?! I might have some stiffed body parts in me after waking up from that. But then, I believe I only move a little during sleep anyways. But for Gyro, even though his father is really cold and strict towards him, he still respected his father otherwise he’d be rebelling in those years the narrator had been saying all along on the first scenes. Still, I think he deserves an education. Every child has a right to attain an education, right? I guess that doesn’t apply on this show. Gyro, when he was a child was such an optimistic person. He ignored other facts except to those which he needed to live. Well, until he snapped, anyway. Seriously, though, does such a father exist?

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 80 -  (20)
This should be Moe Titan’s partner. (See Shingeki no Kyojin)

With additional weapons and enough knowledge how to use them, it seems the Chimera Ant Army has more advantage if they got their hands on guns and a factory as a fortress. This is just the first step for the so-called being an individual that Colt and the others fears them to have since it would destroy their loyalty to the Queen. Still, with Hunters who knows how to use Nen – which the Chimera Ant army is going to have some trouble learning and investigating since it comes in so many different forms – there’s still a chance for humans to go against these creatures; unless, they can’t protect the remaining citizens of NGL from harm and if the chimera ant armies can learn about Nen in a short amount of time considering they have bodies which can adapt to their surroundings (animals are quite prone to adapting quickly). But I doubt their level of intelligence would measure to that of a human but since they read books and says it is fun… it could be another story. Was Nen inheritable? In the Chimera’s context, that is. I mean if they get to eat a person who’s good and have a powerful Nen, will the offspring gets to inherit the Nen abilities too? Nen is a very powerful weapon and I doubt it would be easily transferred like that through DNA/genes’ data only. For heaven’s sake, hunters went into too much trouble just o master their own Nen abilities!Still, Colt, I am watching you.

Any doctor out there to explain to me: why a head, cut off from its body through the neck, can shout what’s on its mind?! I know the cut could have been fresh but… there’s no more air going out of its lungs to support the vocal cords in order for them to speak, right? Or is this another one of anime’s great ideals to break logic? But, poor guy. He was the one who’s really excited to run away and now he can’t. And… isn’t this episode what I am fearing about? I knew this is going to happen. I knew it will, in this episode. I knew it! OMYGAWWWDDDD Ponzuuuu!!!! D8 That was less screen time than expected.

I just want to mention how sexy Kite can be. Just see that pose at the opening song! And it has been a really long time since I’ve seen both Gon and Killua doing their best in a mission and this episode is the start of the actual action. I am quite happy about it.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 80 -  (32)
Go on, horse, complain about how slow you are.

PS: This only means one thing: Gyro will become King!

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  1. Mastro

    Not gonna happen. Read the manga.

    1. Linzz

      Although that was supposed to be my sarcastic comments since Gyro didn’t have any screen time at all because after the short back story, he was already dead. Q_Q

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