Karneval Episode 6: Ending Their Lives

Karneval Episode 6 -  (42)

“With the remaining time left of my life, I swear I will not live a meaningless life.” – Tsubame


After the loss of Yotaka, the witnesses, Tsubame, Gareki, Yogi and Nai were pretty much affected. It is seemed that what happened during the last two episodes was just a trap that was set up by the First Ship of Circus. But what Gareki was angry for was not because Circus used them as bait but because he wasn’t the one who killed the killers of his precious family. Now that everything’s settled, Circus took custody of Tsubame who is still in the process of transforming into a Varuga any day.


Karneval Episode 6 -  (9)With Yotaka’s disappearance after receiving the last hit that caused his life – well, it’s not that he has a choice anyway – everyone who witness the loss was in despair (Hirato and Kiichi are exceptions). Come on, who wouldn’t? I mean if you’re a person with a good heart living a normal life and maybe someone who had experienced the same loss, you’d probably feel the same, right? For both Gareki and Tsubame, the loss of a brother is more than so many pains they can feel physically. Not only that, Yotaka’s loss is something that can never be rewind or something both of them can do anything about. But isn’t this another cliché thing? We get to see our characters develop because of this. Good character development is always achieved by (A) get all those who are precious to the character in grave danger or (B) kill those who are precious to the main character and eve better – make them witness their deaths. Not bad, right?

And how adorable it is for Nai to understand each other character’s situation and for him to actually explain what he is thinking of the current status is just adding to the pain and depression of the episode! GAAAHHH!!! Plus, whatever Nai feels is what exactly the viewers might feel too. I mean, he’s not involved – well, maybe he is a little involved since he became a witness of the loss too – but even so, he feels hurt. Look at our Nai growing! That scene actually tells everything – which Nai is not a natural human. That he’s just in a phase where he’s still trying to learn the emotions of humans and how they react on things that’s happening to them. It’s okay, Nai. For you to experience negative emotions is also a good thing for a young age – wait, we don’t even know if you are THAT young.

Karneval Episode 6 -  (4)What’s more, we get to see other sides of the other characters! Yay! Especially Kiichi who is… well… have some dual personality problems – nah, not a problem since it doesn’t really give any problems but then this is one of her cute sides too in contrast to Tsukumo. Also, more Tsukitachi and Hirato together (okay, you might think that I ship these two but I sometimes do but then, I still have this interest on Hirato x Tsukumo lol). Come on, but these two guys’ personalities coincide with each other so well to ignore. Attending into one of Tsukitachi’s tea party is really interesting too. And there’s more – Hirato’s harems! From his hat… they all… transformed into girls and became his instant harem. Okay. Also, Jiki was given more screen time as well. Oh how I love characters like him. He really do remind me of someone from Cuticle Detective Inaba (forgot the name but Kaitou might have an idea who it was). I really can’t wait to know more about them and about Circus.

Karneval Episode 6 -  (26)

We received a more informative description about the organization that became Circus’ enemy – Kafka – which was the ones who are experimenting and creating Varuga. Repeated cell fusion was the one that originated the Varuga and the rest were made by either the original technique or the newly one – using Varuga blood to damage the cells. Even though Varuga have some unexplainable abilities that are beyond human capabilities, they still need enough energy (or cells) in order for them to support such inhuman powers. It was stated by Yogi as well that they cell generation is too fast that normal but I’m curious how they can end the life of a person like that. It could be the heart but it can regenerate too, right? And in another note, this is Karneval – where awesome magic can exist while being done by awesomely gorgeous characters.

Karneval Episode 6 -  (38)In the end, the issue between Gareki, Yotaka and Tsubame were all just a trap that the First Ship of Circus wanted to use in order to lure out Meiga – the person that experimented on Gareki’s ‘family’ – and at the same time, kill him and the other Varuga that may appear. Pretty wise, indeed. After all that happened to her life, Tsubame is in a state that she couldn’t think logically anymore. I mean, come on! After you were left alone with no one else around you (not literally, okay since Gareki is still there anyway) obviously, an offer such as the one that Tsukitachi was giving her is the only thing she can hold on to. Like, she’s searching for a place that she will belong and where her existence will be that of someone/something significant. And with that, we also learned why Gareki wanted to earn money in such a pace – because he is secretly a loving guy.

It was such a nice way of ending an episode. I person like me, who didn’t read the manga, will give you my hypothesis of what to happen. Tsubame will be a part of Circus. Isn’t that thought exciting? Well, I don’t even care if I’m wrong or not anyway. Let me live on my expectations. LOL

PS: Jiki is too cool to ignore.

Karneval Episode 6 -  (25)

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