Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Prince Episode 11

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Majestic Prince Ep 11 Img 0006So this week’s mission was to infiltrate and retrieve data from the Wulgaru Craft that had crashed on Mars. It turns out it was an enemy’s fleet (go figured) and upon Izuru and Toshikazu exploring it with Daniel as their guide, they learn more about the Wulgaru’s culture and philosophy as well as the type of products they make. The craft’s construction materials were made out of Biological Tissues (uh, EW?!) and their foot soliders that were clones are consumable resources (omfg this is so fucked up) and despite being a living thing, they have no freedom and only obey the orders they are given. Daniel explained that the Wulgaru  views their soldier class much like robots, what can be fixed can be fixed, but if it isn’t fixable then it is thrown away. Having encountered, witnessing the clones deteriorating/dying and learning about their role is and how they are treated really hit both Izuru and Toshikazu.  Toshikazu remarked that they (Team Rabbit) are just like the cloned soldiers. But Izuru counters that they aren’t blindly following orders and have a mind of their own.
Majestic Prince Ep 11 Img 0024Tamaki this episode shined in her own way as she excelled today with the JURIA-System thanks to  Giuliano who kept her happy with by charming her with a pet name (Kitty) since he was told that it benefit the pilots. It appears that is one of the reasons why Tamaki was able to maneuver no problem despite the horrible weather conditions they were in. And so because of that, she was the one who was to be depended on the most when things weren’t working out for the others. From serving as a bait to creating a funnel cloud so that Ataru could shoot his beam and strike the ordinations that he needed to hit to ensure that Izuru, Toshikazu, and Daniel all made it out alive, Tamaki did what she had to do. However having done that so passionately, she had unknowingly pushed her unit to the limit causing the power-reactor to have a meltdown. This is appears to be a technical flaw that will burden all five units in the future.
Finally last but not least- MAN, that some convenient ability Daniel has for memorization. It’s like downloading data for crying out loud! We also learn that the reason why collecting the craft’s data is because the Commander is trying to locate the gate that Wulgaru uses to get back and forth aka what they use to reach Earth’s galaxy. Oh and I almost forgot! It looks like Izuru isn’t quite ready to fight yet since he suddenly froze when he was supposed to shoot the foe who (luckily) had fallen and was able to attack.


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