Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 83: Punitive Force

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 83 -  (32)

“What would you do if one of those bugs cared for its comrades?” – Kite


Our three heroes finally advances themselves and found out that they were surrounded by an enormous number of Chimera Ants who asked them to choose between the three choices that they will give – which resulted to a one-on-one fight and later with Kite blowing off everyone in one swipe.


Wasn’t it a long time since we last saw Netero, right? Well, as far as I can remember, the last time I saw him was still from the Hunter Exam Arc excluding the flashbacks and flash scenes of him. At least, a Chairman of the Hunter’s Association is again present on the current arc. It has been too many episodes since we last saw characters from the first arc (not to mention I can’t forget about Ponzu).

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 83 -  (9)
That bug sure is handy.

The danger for this arch has already started to be given light especially now that the heroes’ party had already learned a lot regarding the enemy and how things might go to worst if they couldn’t kill the Queen of Chimera Ants. Additional to that is Rammot’s sudden attainment of Nen ability which can be very lethal especially if it were to be distributed to the whole Chimera Ant Army. Not only that – I think the distribution of the power had already started… with Colt. OTL

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 83 -  (19)Previously, our three heroes battled against Chimera Ants with a three on three. This time, a three on three is impossible with the current number of subordinates that Hagya has. I guess this is the start of all the fun of action? But good thing a choice for a one-on-one is available. I dunno if I should call the Chimera Ants stupid or what since capturing them could have been less hard if they are going to use their full force. Again, it’s the same that happened with the centipede from the previous episode on whom Gon battled up against. On another note, it’s also nice to see that Gon and Killua manage to maintain their showdown against each other with their Janken decision making on who’s going first. That was cute.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 83 -  (24)Again, Gon’s weird approach on things took over the tension of the episode – which was a good thing, by the way. Saying that they won’t benefit anything at all of their enemies are killed and it will be better if they could just surrender and promise to never eat another human ever again was funny to the thought but true at the same time. Of course, this is Gon! 😛 And I hate seeing muscles. Ugh, I can’t imagine seeing Gon later on if this show continues but makes me very curious about a lot of things at the same time as well. Oh! And Kite, please, do something about that gawking feeling you have. It’s something related to the word “danger”.  Also, Rammot, stop dancing ballet. It doesn’t suit your figure, imo.

I guess the one-on-one fights with the bunch of Chimera Ants will take a little while. This will give the Chimera Ant Army more time to research about Nen especially they have Pokkle in their grasp. I hope that mentioned Punitive Force will do something about this but I expect that Gon and Killua will be the crucial keys into this battle plus Kite’s sexyness especially with a scythe on hand. Did I mention how sexy Kite is before? I did? Really? Well, I just to mention that Kite is ten times sexier while using his #2 weapon.

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 83 -  (36)
Again, I am very curious.
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