Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 84 -  (19)

“Others were stronger, so I never could have ruled. Death taught me that lesson.” – Hagya


Kite’s party had successfully eliminated Hagya’s soldiers from the previous episode with a sexy scythe attack and now, they are on their way to… well, face Hagya’s front liners, of course! Then one of the Three Knights for the King has already awakened and was named as Neferpitou. Unlike the other Chimera Ants, Niferpitou already possesses Nen at birth – which is something that can be a wall for our heroes.


Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 84 -  (17)I really don’t get how these Chimera Ants think. I mean, if they really want to defeat their enemy, why don’t they just attack with full force and not batch by batch and get beaten up every now and then?! Well, yes, Linzz, welcome to the world of anime where everything has to happen for the sake of plot and episode count. Yeah, yeah. BUT THAT’S NOT IT! Chimera Ants have developed the habit of making full use of their independence while using their own reasoning that something they got from the human blood that runs through their veins. At least Hagya’s team is a little more strategic than the previous team that they have encountered. I hope more action please! The last thing that I saw a good action from this remake of the show was when Hisoka fought against Gon during their battle at Heaven’s Arena! Pfft although I doubt I’d see more action with Kite and his slot machine is still on the scene since he can erase the enemies (no matter how many of them) in one blow. SEE!!! HE JUST WENT AND GONE WITH THAT SCYTHE AGAIN! WHERE IS MY ACTION, SHOW? WHERE?!

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 84 -  (28)Rammot seems to become bigger headed now that he knows he can use such power. And good thing that Pokkle is alive and kicking (and naked lol) and he has an antidote to relieve him from the poison. Too bad it’s no more Pokkle x Ponzu moments. //sobs in the corner// The big problem is how Rammot has been planning to take advantage of everything now that he’s a more advanced Chimera Ant with Nen. I do not like him in the first place. Ugh. He can boast all he wants – until one of the Knights awakens, at least. Oh, did I mention that Rammot was the dangerous ant before? I guess I was wrong. I complete forgotten about the Three Knights that the Queen was planning to give birth into before her King. That was completely careless, Linzz. But seriously, Rammot?! THAT WAS SUCH A FAST CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!!! LOL I guess fear really does do the trick, huh?

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 84 -  (21)The newly born Knight of the King sure is a… girl? And a… well, I really can’t understand which species were mixed on her since well, she looks really like of a human and this evil aura surrounding her is really evil that even the ants and Rammot had changed views in the instant that they look into her. And… ugh… brain washing? Truth serum is no longer needed with this chick! Neferpitou? Wow. Her name sure is unique than those Chimera Ants on the lower ranks. Makes specialization more obvious.

With this show dragging along on too much information, I can only review a few things. //sobs

Hunter x Hunter 2011 Episode 84 -  (33)

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  1. Clinton

    It was not really brainwashing it was more like ripping a hole in Pokkles head and poking his brain with needles. Also Neferpitou is a cat/human Ant.

    Shocked you did not remark on Hina saying that Kite was gorgeous.

  2. TheVoid

    No one is really sure whether Neferpitou is a boy or girl, but I like to think pitou is a girl.

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