Karneval Episode 10 -  (20)

“Choose the best thing you can do now in order to get closer to your dream.” – Tsukitachi


Nai and Gareki was sent to Circus’ First Ship since the Second Ship people are too busy dealing with their own problems. They also gotten themselves be part of an investigation where the First Ship is in-charge of and resulted to a mild danger where our main character, Nai, is involved.


And soooo… after seeing a body covered in red roses in a small boat, going along the river, only an old woman chased after it to get the body and thinking it might be alive. WTH?! And the others just looked over the whole scenario?! LOL In normal circumstances, people have already gone around the body being curious. This is beyond my logic. XD Of course, Hirato is ALWAYS there to the rescue for his little favorite fighter.

Karneval Episode 10 -  (2)
Prepare everyone for the Hirato x Tsukumo moment!

Karneval Episode 10 -  (14)But I’m really happy that both Nai and Gareki was turned over to the First Ship since we will get to see the everyday happening inside the First Ship just like the first time the two lead characters landed on the Second Ship a few episodes ago. And this also means a more in-depth character screen time with First Ship’s members! How cool can this be?! And I will mention this over and over again that this show’s gadgets are just too amazing. I can now imagine our future technology like theirs too. I love how this show gives more screening time to other characters considering this show has a lot of characters that must be shown every episode. The writer of this manga must have had a hard time coming up with good chapters just to show them one by one. The other show that has a lot of characters with justified character screen time was Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. I hope this show will bring me happiness when it comes to character development – where most shows drops a rate.

Karneval Episode 10 -  (41)By the way, Gareki is so clever when it comes to using others for his own benefits. LOL Those rabbits are sooo cute! Added by Nai’s cuteness, it was a totally overloaded one. One thing I am always curious is how well Tsukitachi’s character is and this is a great chance for me to know since both Nai and Gareki are staying in the First Ship’s home – which is less flashy than the Second Ship’s, by the way. And as my first impression of him during his first appearance in this series, he’s a playful kind of guy in contrast with our dear Hirato which makes the two of them a perfect combination as Ship Captains of Circus. Of course, every show needs a cool and happy-go-lucky kind of guy. And more Jiki scenes!!! I love the serious Jiki! Please have more serious Jiki, please! Serious guys with megane is serious my type!

So Nai is serious distracted by what Jiki had told him the night before their so-called field trip. And this lead to a serious discussion with Tsukitachi who, obviously, stood as a great father for Nai at that moment. Man, if I ever get a husband, he should be Tsukitachi-material. I can’t blame Nai for what he’s feeling right now on their current situation but the thing I’m more interested into is with Gareki. I want to know more about that incident when he was still a kid more deeply than ever now.

Karneval Episode 10 -  (21)
Crying Yogi is just… unbearable. Ugh >///////////<

Karneval Episode 10 -  (33)Finally! An episode where they explains the whole magical thingy that the Circus people are using as weapons and means of transportation. And their powers came from exceptional cells called Incura. Man, their names are totally weird but really creative. Not to mention that sure, animals that lived in a place with limited primary needs usually are ones which are very rigorous and have these special abilities (physically) compared to others of the same species but were raised on a different environment. It’s like how a blind man can have an unbelievable hearing ability compared to other normal people. I guess this is how these special creatures had been developed except for the “evolve” part. After this show mentioned the word, “evolve”, I automatically remembered about Suisei no Gargantia’s episode 9. OTL

The field trip turned out to be a disaster with a certain creature named Kiri got out of control after the sight of humans. So instead of an investigation concerning the poachers of the special creatures, it turned out to be a coated investigation for the illegal doing of one of the people from the Research Tower. Well, wasn’t that an entertaining episode?

I can’t help but to like Kiichi-chan as well. She’s a really interesting character but she’s still bellow Tsukumo’s charm but her voice actor did a great job on voicing her out. Her CV totally gives off that bossy tone although her pitch is sometimes annoying. Not to mention, that sickle is just so cute. The design totally fits Kiichi-chan to the bones. It’s cute with the hearts and looks nasty as a sickle. Yeah – perfect. Nonetheless, her abilities are quite on par on the other fighters but I’m curious if Jiki’s hat can also do the same things as Hirato’s and Tsukitachi’s. LOL

Karneval Episode 10 -  (36)
This reunion = priceless.

Still, I can’t believe the trip to First Ship was that short buuuuuttt I love Tsukumo-chan! I’m so glad she’s now fine.

Karneval Episode 10 -  (44)
Ohhh youuu, Araki-sensei… LOL

The work of the Circus is really sad.