Karneval Episode 11: Karoku’s Location

Karneval Episode 11 -  (30)

“No matter where you are, you can be strong while maintaining that pure heart of yours. As long as you stand firmly in what you believe.” – Yogi




You know what? I got this tiny little bit of a curiosity why Karneval’s episode titles are that weird and that deep. Even I don’t get any of the titles except for a few. I can even make better episode titles (hah! Me and my solemn boasting). Well, other than that… Again, this show just keeps on throwing in stories and names of group of people, and new mechanism of the enemies right after the other. I guess that’s one thing I don’t like about this show. I mean, there are just a lot of things that can create complex issues which is the result of one group and another. I think, if anybody can, I recall the one they called the enemy of Circus was a dark organization and later on another episode, mentioned Kafka as the name (which I actually thought back then was a name of a specie like Varuga lol). And now, there’s another name of a group mentioned that manifests Varuga subjects as well which is making this show earn a title for being broad. It’s not that bad, actually since the initial target of the show is still being met but for me, it is sometimes irritating. lol Especially about the poachers which the previous episode was talking about. The issue with them didn’t even last a few seconds more! Duh, since the previous episode talked about a member of the research group who used some drug on the specie. Still, this episode cuts the issue of the poachers stating that it the organization was already busted. Well, that was fun.

But what’s so nice about this show is the usual “after a good action of the previous episode, let us go back to our wonderful and cheerful life” style. XD And this time, Nai, Gareki, Yogi and Jiki (yay) went into a small trip around town. This time, I am quite happy that Jiki is with them. I really do hope to see more of Jiki than the ones that was shown on the previous episodes and then what?! HE LEAVES OFF THE SCENE. AAARRGGGHHH AND I ALSO DON’T CARE ABOUT NYAN— okay stop it. The gang was even blackmailed using the Nyanperona joke just to find a shop.

Karneval Episode 11 -  (3)I guess the issue with the previous episode didn’t just stop on that one member of the Research Tower. After what that guy who “killed” Tsubame said during the episode with Tsubaki and Yotaka, even I would be curious about the connection with him and Araki. Who wouldn’t?! But the way Araki reacts whenever he hears Hirato’s name is too funy. The Circus’ title is “Defense Organization” but the way the organization works is like a Detective Agency instead as a Defense Organization. I mean, I though defense organization does some defensive stunts on a mission like… protecting a princess of a country during a coronation or something. LOL But yeah – they are more like a detective agency. They investigate and eliminates Varuga. I guess in a sense they defend others against the Varuga in a way but that’s all there is to it. Most of their missions were all like investigations and such and yeah – look after around Nai and Gareki. LOL

Okay, now we are back to the who’s named Mr. Palnedo who appeared on the first episode, claiming to be a victim of a sudden train jack. Oh, I love how Hirato does his plays. Better than Iva’s during the stage performance of the First Ship with Tsukumo-chan. XD

Karneval Episode 11 -  (24)

Karneval Episode 11 -  (34)“How do you recognize someone as a friend?” Why, isn’t this a common question to all tsundere characters out there? Even I don’t know how two people can become friends after meeting and talking to each other for a while. It just go natural. You just can’t invite someone to become friends because it happens when it happens. I remember this issue on another show… Ah, yes, if it wasn’t Seiyuu-ka! By Minami Maki. The lead guy – Senri – who just made friends through acting when he was a kid. That was quite stupid but to be honest, he already made a friend. He was just too engrosed about being an actor and all. This is also the same to all tsundere characters out there. They refuse to become friends and act as if they are not but it’s only because they are too engrosed of their conciousness towards what they feel or what others think of them. It’s not like it’s a big problem anyway. In Karneval, all you need is Nai to overcome such a problem.

Karneval Episode 11 -  (27)I guess Karneval is about Nai and his evelopment? LOL Nai’s been getting a lot of emotional attention as episodes goes by. I’m not sure if its something good or bad but since it does gets a little overboard sometimes that it overshadows the main purpose of the episode or the main purpose of the Circus as an overall matter (since he’s with them), I guess it’s a LITTLE bad? Although learning more about Nai is something interesting as well.

Gareki got invited into Second Ship. Ohhh how I love Hirato being like a lovely father in that scene. Oh how I wish I had a boyfriend like him~ LOL AND YOGI, THAT WAS SUCH A GAY-ISH SLAP EVER!!! And Finally!!! We get a full turn towards Nai’s Karoku madness!

PS: Hirato, please give that hat of yours~

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