Oreimo 2 Episode 11: Moving Out

“I-I’m gonna be killed!”



P324Lately, there have been many people suspicious about the relationship between Kyousuke and Kirino, but the last person I’d expect to make such a big fuss is their mom. Pretty perceptive of her! I’m sure her suspicions were first raised when she saw that purikura sticker Kyousuke stuck so proudly on the fridge, as well as the fact that Kirino has started openly calling him “Kyousuke” in public. While it may be a shock to her, to us it’s been a long time coming – it’d be strange for them to not get along so well after everything they’ve been through recently. I’d also like to believe that their parents are kicking Kyousuke out for his own good (so he can properly concentrate on his studies) but really, I can’t help but think there’s also a motive of keeping him further away from Kirino, just to be on the safe side xD Kirino’s trying to pretend that she doesn’t care, but I’ve noticed there’s a lot more dere and a lot less tsun coming from her recently. She’s there to welcome him home, and she’s even bought him a fridge for some strange reason…wow that was nice of her 😀

P350This was a very fragmented episode in the sense that there weren’t too many actual developments – rather, Kyousuke had various girls in his life come over to visit him, bringing a fair amount of entertainment with them. First off was Kanako! I actually didn’t expect her turning up to visit at all, much less the fact that she knew Kyousuke was Kirino’s brother all along. She’s very fun as a Meruru cosplay idol, but otherwise she can be bratty – and evidently she has a naive view on Kirino. It looks like Kirino’s still a perfect riajuu goddess to some people after all. Well, we all know Ayase’s the real goddess here 😀 The knife she brought with her was the best housewarming present, EVER. It’s sheathed, don’t worry! I’ve been suspecting it for a while, but Ayase’s after Onii-san too, isn’t she? Why else would she visit at 6am in the morning…a time when she’d have the least chance of being interrupted by some other girl. Whatever Ayase thinks of Kyousuke, her opinion will plummet instantly if she ever finds out he searches for erotic photos of her in his spare time. I mean…that’s pretty creepy. I’m fine with a Lovely My Angel Ayase-tan fan blog, but this is a bit…much, even for me. Kirino, what have your imouto eroges done to poor innocent Kyousuke?!

I flashback’d to a certain Yosuga no Sora scene (yes, that scene) when Ayase got up to open the door, only to find Kuroneko on the other side. They’ve never met properly before this, have they? And they finally do so after turning up at the same guy’s house…at 6am in the morning. Classic Oreimo hijinks occur 😀 Kyousuke earnestly asking his ex whether Kirino wanted to have sex with him was rather worrying, though I got a few good laughs from the simulated bitchfight betweeen Ayase and Kuroneko. Remember when Kirino used to butt heads with Kuroneko so vigorously like that?


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