RDG: Red Data Girl Ep 12: Let the Lost be Found [FINAL]

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Final Impression:
I have to say, I watched this twice being the first time with the pre-air webrip. At the time, I was seriously disappointed with how things turned out. The reason why is because I let my imagination run wild and set up all these potentials expectations only to see none of it had happened and felt very underwhelmed about the entire finale. Having watched this finale once more two weeks (I think?) later actually turned out to be very helpful and now that because I knew how things would play out I watched this repeat with no expectations at all. This time round, I found myself surprised that I wasn’t actually bothered by how things played out, as typically my opinion wouldn’t change. However that being said, there are a few things that had continuously annoyed me from start to finish of the episode and one of those things in particular was Mayura.
RDG Ep 12 Img 0012Holy shit, Mayura. It didn’t hit me so much the first time I watched this, but it is within this episode sealed the deal that I, in fact really dislike Mayura big time. At first in the beginning of the series she was cool and all, but then she gradually started being more and more annoying and as part of her character extremely clingy and greedy. She is quite selfish in a way when it comes down to both Matsumi and Manatsu. Manatsu in comparison turns out to be far more mature and down to earth than her probably thanks to his development in episode 7. He knows the reality and he knows that people are going to change, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the bonds you have with them will no longer exist. It is ultimately up to them to maintain those bonds despite the series of change they will undergo as life goes on.
RDG Ep 12 Img 0029Then there was the the lack of closure. It is clear that there is so much more to the story that is yet to be told. For one, it is secretly announced amongst the judges that Izumiko will most likely be the chosen candidate for the World Heritage. We have yet to see the results first hand of what would happen if she were to win besides hearing from Yukimasa who was telling Miyuki that the two of them will not be able to see each other after they are done school because she will be so heavily guarded. The second being whether Izumiko and Miyuki will be able to find that alternative path that would allow them to live their lives freely without having to worry about being the source of destroying the world or being burdened by the Himegami’s duties. Finally the third, in particular I think this regards to truly understanding certain character’s motives such as Yukimasa who until the end I can’t help but feel wary about.
Finally, there was one thing in particular during the first time I watched this that didn’t bother me this time round because I “got over it”, was the fact Izumiko and Miyuki didn’t kiss…  Actually in fact, what fueled my wild imaginations for all the potential for the finale in the first place was the implied kiss in the Opening. this was basically my reaction upon realization (webrip impression):
I really hate it when they do that, it’s just sets fans up for disappointment. ARG!!!”
RDG Ep 12 Img 0010But even so, regardless of lacking a kiss between Izumiko and Miyuki (I naively believed we would have an epic kiss scene. My stupid romantic heart- heck this show doesn’t even have Romance listed in its genres so what the hell was I thinking?), there were a few things which made this episode to be underwhelming. The first is the lack of chaos. That was another thing I was expecting the first time round after how things ended in episode 11, the start of the world’s destruction, but it didn’t happen and everyone was not in a state of panic, more but freaked out that they couldn’t use their electronics. They next was Matsumi as Miyuki’s enemy. Okay so everyone is going to argue, “Well there is no way in hell Miyuki would be able to defeat Matsumi of all people in a man to man fight!” but I don’t know, I mean it just- they set it up to make you think, “Oh an epic fight for Izumiko’s love!” and then you have your expectations and then reality. The reality, Miyuki had to go through shitload of layers and waves of ghosts that only grew stronger and stronger in hopes to finally reach Izumiko. While this aspect of the fight did highlight Miyuki’s strength when he puts his mind to it, I still felt unsatisfied, and I hate to say this- but I surprised myself by rolling my eyes when it was the god damn cellphone that helped them get to Izumiko. It just wasn’t my preference, but I do give credit to the author of their originality of using the phone which was Izumiko’s physical connection with Miyuki, hence what brought them to her and Miyuki not rashly taking her into his arms right away (at least he did eventually pull her into his arms).
RDG Ep 12 Img 0022Overall RDG was definitely a great show to watch, but I think it deserves a proper finish. If there is a lot more materials from the light novel to cover, I am all for a second season because not only for the sake for a solid closure, but I do love this story and I would love to see more of it. Of course along with my shipping side, I really do hope to eventually see Miyuki and Izumiko in an official romantic relationship.
Stay tuned for Overall Review that will be up later today.


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