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This entire episode felt almost like an ominous prelude to what is about to unfold at the festival. With the battleground taking place next week, goodness- it’s going to be a nail-biter that’s for sure since Takayanagi (who isn’t afraid to play dirty) setting up traps to claim victory and there’s magic or some sort of curse rumors going around it’s going to be one hell of an event.
RDG Ep 10 Img 0008Admittedly it does put me on the edge if the Himegami and Izumiko are truly one and the same person, but I mean- just because Izumiko said the same thing as the Himegami doesn’t necessarily mean that they are one and the same person. People do say the same things as others all the time, but considering the given circumstances, it’s no wonder for Miyuki to be concerned about it as Yukimasa had also brought it up last week. Honestly speaking though, I am starting to wonder if they really are, especially when you take the Ghosts’ reactions in consideration. However later on Miyuki did remark that she is very different to the Himegami. So I think at this point it’s a 50/50 of either scenario happening…. Actually maybe a 60% for the two of being one and the same if we take the mirror shot reflecting Izumiko during the final scene as symbolism/foreshadowing. Or they could be like, two sides of a coin.
RDG Ep 10 Img 0022Having watched this episode twice now, (first time with the pre-air because I couldn’t resist) I am starting to wonder if I am clouding my judgment too much with my distaste towards Yukimasa’s character.
The first time I watched this episode (pre-aired copy) this is what I thought:
I have said this before and I will say it again, I think at this point it’s damn crystal clear that Yukimasa wants Miyuki out of the picture. He doesn’t want Miyuki to be the chosen one. I think he considers him not useless, but a nuisance to his plans. Perhaps he wasn’t expecting Miyuki to be chosen by the Himegami, as he has tried to appeal to her back in episode 2.
RDG Ep 10 Img 0026But now after having re-watched it again: Maybe all of that teasing is just Yukimasa’s way of pushing/provoking Miyuki to make his resolve and become stronger. When I hear the line, “If you don’t make the most of every chance you get, you’re screwed” with my bias-mode off, I consider it more as him giving Miyuki heads up that he needs to step up his game if he’s serious about protecting Izumiko.
RDG Ep 10 Img 0012I am curious about why he ‘warns’ Izumiko not to show sympathy to the ghosts. I think this varies on how one should see it since the ghosts she had seen were the people that served under the Himegami and were trying to do everything in their power to protect her. They had mentioned “if only Ujiteru-sama were here, this would not be happening.” The history that we know of about this mentioned that when the Haichiouji Castle had fallen, Ujiteru was not present. So I think this may be a vital clue.
Yukimasa had also revealed to them today that Izumiko will be heavily guarded and that she will not be allowed to talk with him or heck, be it with anyone. Izumiko catches his contradiction to his previous comment how Miyuki was chosen by the Himegami, but Yukimasa says that the Himemgami tends to change her mind/has to start over (varies on which sub you’re using) and that she can’t predict anything. He pulled then Yukariko card on them saying that she is his source for what he had just told them.
Regardless of my bias opinion, I still honestly believe that Yukimasa doesn’t give a damn about Izumiko and only cares about the Himegami. There is definitely no doubt about it that he is in fact getting information from Yukariko, but the question is how much information has Yukariko has truly been giving him. On top of that, as I mentioned in the previous entry, if Yukariko is aware that the Himeagmi is the one to be responsible for wiping out mankind and is holding her back thanks to her own strength, I can’t help but feel that either Izumiko would be imprison and heavily guarded/sealed or even killed  if she is incapable of holding back the Himegami and would probably be miserable and lonely for the rest of her life.
And with that said, I can’t seem to find any reason to trust anyone in Izumiko’s family or the folks that work alongside with them. The only two characters (besides Izumiko) that I actually trust in this show is Miyuki and the Himegami. I think the fact that Miyuki in particular can be trusted reflects even more so of why the Himegami chooses to appear when she does to tell give him the vital information about her and her history. Last week’s episode the Himegami explained to Miyuki more about her past as a human and the purpose for going back into the past over and over again was important because it gives a better understanding of her purpose and who and what she is looking for. She told him straight out that she needs someone who understands her and has the ability to hold her back.
Although Yukimasa had claimed the Himegami can change her mind/start over when it comes to choosing a partner/supporter, I honestly doubt she will because if she actually thought she could trust and rely on Yukimasa, surely she would have chosen him earlier on. But no, again she chose Miyuki- heck you know what, it might even be the fact he has the courage and willingly defies her despite the fact that she had threatened to bestow her divine wraith upon him if he scorns her. The person to help her hold back needs to have guts and courage, and without a doubt, both hers and Izumiko’s trust.
Finally to wrap this up, I think what Miyuki was referring to by having to think over it some more is the deal of melding with Wamiya so that he can be powerful enough to protect Izumiko himself.


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